Saturday, February 9, 2013

All The Single Ladies Blog Party ~ Day Three

You Know You're Single When

    I don't have any funny stories or anecdotes about being single, because most people know how resilient I am to getting close to people, but I can tell you my feelings on being single.

     Sometimes I enjoy being single. Examples: I don't have to worry about if he's seeing someone else or feeling like he is hounding me every single second. I can escape the constant questions of "How long have you been going out? Are you still together? Are you planning on marriage? Are you pregnant?" And others, thank goodness.

     My parents, despite their good feelings, still don't understand why my older sister and I enjoy being single. Maybe it was because they were married very young or they dated a lot when they were younger, or whatever. Being single gives you a sense of freedom to be yourself, find out who you are, or just enjoy life as it is right now. Don't worry about marriage or family now; they'll all come soon enough!!! And sometimes when you least expect it.

     By the time I was 21, I was devastated at the fact that I had never had a boyfriend. Then I started college and found out, "I have no time for a boyfriend!!!" Eventually he'll come around, whether you still have yet to meet him or you've known him for a while and just made the discovery that "IT'S HIM!!!"

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  1. I LOVE the Matthew & Mary GIF! =D

    But beyond I SO hear you about loving the freedom of being single--& not having time for a guy! ;) So glad I'm not the only one--thanks for sharing!
    P.S: Tomorrow I'll be sharing a favorite facet of the Lord & His He loves us. <3


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