Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All The Single Ladies Blog Party ~ Day Six

The Hope Chest of Dreams

     I wanted a hope chest when I was little, but then I realized in a family as big as mine and a house as small as ours, a hope chest was just too big a commodity. Anyway, my family considered them a little too old-fashioned; so it wasn't too big of a loss. Still...a girl can dream.

     As for dreams about my future, isn't ironic that I was posting about that in yesterdays link-up post? Well, alright, I do have dreams about my future married life, granted a guy ever comes for me. I try not to get to dreamy about it, because we all know how life can be sooo unpredictable and nothing ever turns out the way you dreamedit to be.

     I would love to get married! In a small private ceremony, no fuss or drama. Likely chance of that happening; my family is drawn to drama like bees to honey. Anyway...I'll admit, I do love looking at wedding gowns, you can see my favorites here >>>Wedding Gowns<<<

     What do you think? Pretty?

     And have children...lots and lots of children! At least seven! Actually, I would love more than anything in the world to have a baby, my own baby. I feel that I want a child more than I want marriage. Is that wrong to think that way? I hope it's not, but my desperation to have a child is fueled by the prospect that I may have a difficult carrying a child to begin with. I have epilepsy and the medication that I'm on is a mild birth control, meaning that if I take it, while I'm pregnant, then it could cause physical deformation with the baby. That thought terrifies me. So that's why I want to have a child, at least one child, more than anything.

     So, I guess that is my hope chest dream. To have a child; and I would want a girl so badly!!! If I had a boy, I would be happy too. It just seems that boys (even in this day and age) are still more preference than girls. I do better with girls, but either way I want a child, boy or girl.

Sybil and Tom Branson with their newborn daughter

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  1. I see that you definitely prefer the strap-less look, and I think you would look beautiful in any one of them...at least I have always thought so. I am watching and waiting...

    - The Silent Admirer


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