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This is too scary for words.

Original picture is from my Making of The Mob movie review. Craig Thomas Rivela plays the role of Vito Genovese and somehow the guy found my graphic online. 

Vlog Edit

      I was playing around on my Windows Movie Maker and did some editing on my August Vlog by incorporating the questions in as title pictures. I'm still figuring out how to correctly edit videos, but this 2nd edition vlog turned out great : )

Edited Vlog #8 - August

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Paris Appreciation Post

     Oh Paris! A city of love, life, art and history....and interesting food. I've always dreamt about going to Paris from the time I was very small! There are so many historical sites that were the plotlines in movies I grew up watching that I want to see. Such as the Palais Garnier//the Paris Opera House(The Phantom of the Opera), the Moulin Rouge (Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge) and the Notre Dame Cathedral (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). Of course, try the wide variety of food from their famed bakery goods to even braving escargot! And get lost into art and history at the Lourve! 

     There is just something about Paris that excites me...and I don't know why! Growing up in southeastern Virginia and living in the country, I find Paris to be the exact opposite of everything I've ever known. Now Parisians probably aren't too different from Virginians in their attitudes of dealing with stupid and annoying tourists, but hey, Paris is their city they can act however they want. And I'm sure that not all Parisians conform to the stereotype as well.

Top: Outside view of the Moulin Rouge
Bottom: The grand staircase of the Palais Garnier
     While the Eiffel tower is the most well known landmark in Paris, where I would really want to go is the Moulin Rouge with all it's famous glory and never ending intrigue. The Moulin Rouge cabaret and theater isn't too different from what someone would find in Las Vegas only it's...well Paris, they have their own way of putting on a show. There is no denying that any theater that has manged to stay alive for 126 years, is probably worth going to. Also, the Moulin Rouge was one of the first establishments in Paris where the wealthy and the poor could mix with no apprehension and was also a common meeting place for young artists and intellects (especially during the Bohemian period). 

     How could I go to Paris and not travel to the wonderful Palais Garnier! To be able just to walk through the corridors and sit in the theater seats would be an experience. As well as harboring the famous opera house, the Palais Garnier is also a library-museum of history and also has a restaurant. The L'Opera restaurant has only been opened for four years but has had to wait for its opening for 135 years! Throughout the Palais Garnier are various sculptures of famous composers, artists and visionaries. And of course, walk up and down the famous Grand Staircase! 

     The Moulin Rouge and the Palais Garnier are only a couple of many places I would want to travel to in Paris. There is no denying that Paris is more than a city, it's practically a country unto itself with it's own culture, customs and people. Paris is romantic and lively and follows no ones rules but its own. The constant devotion to the preservation of Parisian and French culture as well as being the foremost developing city in the world is admirable and it can be hard to balance both. Paris goes beyond being France's capitol, but is also the capitol for art, music, drama, theater, photography and fashion, so any lover of the creative mind may find it hard to stay away. 

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Vlog #8 - August

My 'ask me anything' answers are in!

Thank you so much Olivia and Sarah for your questions!

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Ask Me Anything (Possibility)

    This is an idea for my August vlog and I'm not sure if I have enough followers for this or if enough people visit my site, especially since I would be humiliated if I did a 'ask me anything' and nobody did, but I thought I would give it a shot. If I don't get any questions, then I have other vlog ideas in mind, but I'll try this one time.

     The deadline is August 21 (Next Friday).

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Gilmore Girls - Season 1

Gilmore Girls - Season 1
     I remembered this show from years back and it always seemed like a fun watch. The first couple of episodes in and I could see why the show was such a hit for seven seasons. It's a basic story of single mother, Loralai Gilmore and her daughter Rory who share an unbreakable bond and the crazy little Connecticut town they live in. 

~ ~ ~

Loralai and Rory Gilmore

     When Loralai had her daughter at 16, she left her wealthy parents home in Hartford, Connecticut and moved into the Independence Inn in Stars Hollow. 16 years later, Loralai is an independent single mother who has raised her daughter Rory, a brilliant student with a dream of pursuing journalism. Although Lori is the executive manager at The Independence Inn, she still struggled financially, especially when she wants to enroll Rory in the prestigious Chilton Academy in Hartford. Exhausted of resources, Loralai finally turns to her wealthy, but distant parents to fund Rory's education. One one condition, Loralai and Rory must spend every Friday evening with them at supper; Loralai begrudgingly agrees, but Rory is excited at getting to know her grandparents.

     Loralai Gilmore: Beautiful and independent, Loralai defines the term free spirited. A fun loving woman who shares an incredible bond of friendship with her beloved daughter. In spite of her strong-willed nature, Loralai  privately struggles with trusting people outside her own small circle of friends. Born into an old-school wealthy family, Loralai was desperate to break free from the choking traditional lifestyle of her parents and forge her own life, but after she became pregnant with Rory (and subsequently turned down a marriage proposal from Rory's father after she told him of the pregnancy), life changed quickly for Loralai. She took matters into her own hands, by refusing her parents help, therefore driving a wedge between them that has lasted for years.

      Now, Loralai has no choice, but to accept her parents help and in the process begins to understand them in a way she never thought possible. Although the show primarily focuses on Loralai and Rory, a great amount of attention is focused on Loralai and her complex relationship with her parents. No matter how angry Loralai may get at them and at her strict upbringing, her parents always have the last word by opening her eyes to the realities of their parenting and how they only wanted what was best for her.

     Loralai 'Rory' Gilmore: A brainy bookworm who has her eye on Harvard University and unexpectedly catches the eye of a couple of boys in the process. Practical and responsible (more so than her mother), Rory's oftentimes serious nature tends to give people the wrong impression of her at first, but Rory (like her mother) hardly cares about what people think about her. A good student, obedient daughter and loyal friend, Rory seems to good to be true, but her undeniable sweet nature and tenacity to pursue her dreams makes her lovable and endearing, especially as she grows closer to her grandparents, takes on school bullies and deal with first time love and heartbreak.

      The show wouldn't be complete without the zany residents of Starts Hollow and Loralai's traditional minded parents. Every single character adds a personal and lovable quality to the show. Every person that comes in contact with Loralai and Rory are always affected by them in some way. The Stars Hollow community adore the Gilmore Girls and support both of them in every way that they can. Loralai's parents, Richard and Emily, may take some getting use to, but as the show progress and their characters development, they end up providing a great amount of wisdom and comfort to both mother and daughter who begin to rely on them for more than money.

      It's so hard to have a favorite character, I loved them all so much. These people were real and make you think "I know somebody just like that!" There were some episodes that were absolutely hysterical and others that were completely heartbreaking. A show about the simplicity of life, family and friends is a refreshing break from other popular television that deals with superheros, the supernatural, magic, period dramas and murder/crime mysteries. Gilmore Girls is fun and engaging with fun characters and storylines and the reinforced theme of family and community love. 

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The Canadian Tenors - Hallelujah

So, so, so beautiful!!!!!

by Jeff Buckley 

Well I heard there was a secret chord
That David played and it pleased the Lord
But you don't really care for music, do you?
Well it goes like this:
The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah...

Well your faith was strong but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya
She tied you to her kitchen chair
She broke your throne and she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah...

Baby I've been here before
I've seen this room and I've walked this floor (you know)
I used to live alone before I knew ya
And I've seen your flag on the marble arch
And love is not a victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah...

There was a time when you let me know
What's really going on below
But now you never show that to me, do ya?
But remember when I moved in you
And the holy dove was moving too
And every breath we drew was Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah...

Maybe there's a God above
But all I've ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya
And it's not a cry that you hear at night
It's not somebody who's seen the light
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah...
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah...
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah

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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace (2006)
      When this movie hit the screens in 2006, I have to say that I had never heard of William Wilberforce or of his crusade to end the slave trade in late 18th-century England. While the film is riddled with historical inaccuracy, Amazing Grace is a brilliant experience of a man's return to God and how God used him in politics and religion to open the eyes of the world to the horrors of slavery ;and become the voice of justice and dignity for the people who were oppressed and silenced.

~ ~ ~

1796, England

     William Wilberforce has been fighting Parliament for almost 15 years to end the slave trade act that will end the capture and selling of slaves from Africa and the Caribbean Islands. Exhausted and ill with colitis, William  has been defeated by the MPs (Members of Parliament) who have  once again rejected his request to create a bill to abolish the slave trade. While recuperating at the home of cousin and fellow parliamentarian Henry Thorntan, he is introduced to fellow abolitionist, Barbara Spooner, an independent and like-minded young women who is as passionate in her convictions and her faith as William is. After a disastrous first meeting, Barbara and Wilbur find themselves alone with one another, where Barbara eventually gets William to open up about the genesis of his abolition fight, the people he met and the lives that changed him.

1782, England
   15 years prior to meeting Barbara, William is a young and healthy parliament member with a gift for public speaking, a quick mind and fiery opinion. While he and his best friend, William Pitt are the youngest members in Parliament, they become two men are should not underestimated. A fierce abolitionist, William is one of only a handfew of people who outspoken against the slavery and the slave trade, but oftentimes feels powerless to do nothing. When Wilbur feels God calling him to return to life of religious fervor, William Pitt announces his plan to run for prime minister and then reveals to Wilbur that is he wins, then William's fight to ban the slave trade will be brought to light and maybe have a chance of winning.

     Wilberforce seeks advice and council from his former preacher, the famed composer, John Newton, who now lives as a hermit in his old church. John Newton's life as a slaver continues to haunt him endlessly and he knows he will never escape the cries of the innocent people he captured. John tells Wilbur to aid William in his run for prime minister as well as lead the fight against slavery, but warns him that this fight will be long, hard and dirty and Wilbur must be willing to sacrifice his career, family and friends if it means to end the slave trade.

      William Pitt introduces Wilbur to several abolitionists including Thomas Clarkson, Hannah Moore and former slave Olaudah Equiano who gives William a first hand account of the slave trade, the cargo ships and the horrific conditions the Africans are forced to endure. Together, they and the newly elected Prime Minister, William Pitt, forge a campaign to end slave trading and they are successful at first, but John Newton's words come true when the fight becomes to hard and Wilbur has now lost his friends and his health to the failing fight.

1796-1807, England

      After Wilberforce ends his story, Barbara refuses to believes that the fight is over. She still sees the passion in Wilbur and insists that he continues, even if it's just the two of them. A month later, Barbara and William are happily married and Wilberforce comes face-to-face with his distant friend, the ageing William Pitt, who informs Wilbur that their old grievances are over and he gives him his full support against Parliament and the House of Lords.

      Although Equiano has died, Thomas Clarkson, Hannah Moore, the Thorntans and others return to ally with William. The edition of James Stephen who has personally traveled to the sugar cane fields of Barbados and witnessed the suffering of the slaves as well as their unwavering belief that Wilberforce will set them free only empowers this small band of abolitionists even farther and to fight harder. William also returns to John Newton, who is now blind, but is writing his painful memoirs as a slave trader. Newton relays to William his joy is finally freeing himself from the darkness of his past and his joy in Wilbur's resurrected fight and new marriage. 

      Finally in 1807, the Slave Trade Act is passed and Wilberforce's 15 year fight has finally come to a successful end which then led up to the complete abolishment of slavery 26 years later in 1833. William died only days after the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 was passed, but he left behind not only the legacy of ending England's slave trade, but also brought social, economic and religious reform, prison reform, cruelty prevention of animals and faithfully following God's plan for him. 

~ ~ ~

     What made this film truly remarkable is the writing and the ability to switch between time periods without getting the audience lost. Not an easy feat for a biopic!The acting on all fronts is phenomenal and the films boasts an all star cast who brilliantly brought these historical characters to life, making them real and personal. The costumes are beautiful and rich in detail and accuracy (I don't care if Barbara's dress is immodest; accuracy is more important). The music is sensational and is one of the most beautiful soundtracks I've heard. 

A beautiful and inspirational film that is a definite favorite of mine. Like I said in the beginning, I had never heard of William Wilberforce prior to seeing Amazing Grace, but now I see him as a hero who never backed down or compromised, no matter how bad the situation got. In the film, Christianity is portrayed in a positive light and William's faith in God is the centerpoint of the whole film. I was pleasantly surprised that the film highlighted William's religious devotion to the God that found him in the midst of his personal trials and brought him into the light of unending grace.

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Little Things #1

1.) Hugh Jackman: Thank you for existing and being a great actor, but more so, a great human being!

2.) Rose petals: I'll have these thrown at my wedding instead of rice.

3.) I'm always running what-if scenarios through my head: There is nothing wrong with being realistic and prepared for the future.

4.) Seeing a baby smile: Because there are too many frowns in the world.

5.) Cake bites: Should be called heavenly bites.

6.) I love Gilmore Girls: New favorite show!!!! I love Luke!

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Suffragette Trailers

Trailer 1

Trailer 2


I am so excited for this film! 

The Making of The Mob: New York

     For the last eight weeks, my family and I have been engrossed in AMC's new docu-drama mini-series, The Making of the Mob: New York. Sadly, it ended last night, but I like to believe I've walked away with more knowledge of the American Cosa Nostra (The Sicilian term for the mafia/mob which translates to "Our Thing") prior to what I knew eights weeks before. While there are actors portraying the real life men and woman of the story, there are also interviews with authors, historians, professors, actors, former mob associates and family members that also give insight to the world of the mafia from it's inception in Sicily and it's resurrection in America.

      All I really knew about the mafia was from basic study and interest that I delve into after seeing The Godfather for the first time and then from actually reading the book. As I said in my review for the Godfather Trilogy, Mario Puzo'z novel was the first time the doors of the Mafia were opened and outsiders were given a small understanding of life within the 'family business' (a more personal term for the mob which was probably coined by Luciano) as well as the family life that extended outside of the mafia. 

     How much of this mini-series is accurate, I'm not sure. I'll have to re-watch the series and do research on each episode, but until that time and from what I've gathered so far, I'll say that Making of the Mob is roughly 70% accurate. Some artistic liberties may have been taken to condense certain historical events for story flow and of course budget limits and time constraints. I will also say that AMC did not downplay the violence of the mob (which definitely contributes to the accuracy) and there is quite a bit of blood and gory deaths, so if you can't handle that, then don't bother watching.

~ ~ ~

Charles 'Lucky' Luciano
L-R: Rich Graff as Lucky Luciano and Charles 'Lucky' Luciano 
     In 1907, 6 year old Salvatore Lucania arrived on the docks of New York with his family, immigrants from Sicily. The American dream of prosperity they had been hoping for though, was really nothing but a dream. Growing up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in what was known as Little Italy, Salvatore, who eventually changed his name to Charles, was raised around other Italian immigrants who brought with them the the customs of their cultures, one of the being the mafia which had started centuries back in Sicily. After dropping out of school at 14, Charles began running with other street boys regardless of their nationality or beliefs. 

     By the time he reached adulthood, Charles or Lucky and his two friends, Myer Lansky and Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegal, two Jewish boys he had grown up with, were on their way to become mob material. Starting at the bottom working for another boss (leader of a crime family), Lucky, Myer and Benjamin through sheer willpower, determination and really just plain luck began making a name for themselves as a united front of intelligence, brawn and tactics. 

     Enter Frank Costello and Vito Genovese, both slightly older more seasoned mafia associates, and you get a perfect mix of the all American crime family. During the Prohibition Era was the golden the age for the mafia of which Lucky took gross advantage of and started to make his rise. By the 1930s, streets mobs and gangs were running New York through bootlegging, bookkeeping, prostitution rings, drug trafficking and getting away with all of it through paying off (or threatening) the police force, judges and lawyers (except one, but more on him later). 

     When the crime rate becomes too public and the murder too rapid, Lucky (by this time the head of his own family) takes matters into his own hands and calls a meeting of the heads of the crime families or the Five Families. There he institutes the traditional laws of the Scicilian Cosa Nostra and creates the Commission, the ruling group of the heads of the Five Families who will make all decisions regarding the work and livelihood of the New York mafia. 

     At 37 years old, Lucky Luciano's American dream has finally come to light. He is the most powerful man in New York, respected (and feared), wealthy and completely incorruptible. That is until he is nailed for prostitution rings and sentenced to jail for fifty years. While serving time, Lucky continues to run his family business through Myer, Vito and Frank. In a desperate effort to get out, Lucky helps the FBI track down a member of Murder Inc. (a lethal hitman group made up of Jewish men) and even aids in WWII. 

      After ten years, Lucky is finally released, but is exiled to Italy where he can never return to America. During exile, Lucky starts new business operations in Havana, Cuba where he takes the drug trafficking to a whole new level, but once again is busted by the police. Eventually, Lucky takes a huge risk and turns over his family business to another mob head. Lucky lives the rest of his life in Naples, Italy where he dies of a heart attack in 1962. Over three hundred people in Naples attended his funeral service his and final wish was granted when his body was brought back to America to be buried in New York. An astonishing 2,000 people arrived for the burial and eulogy.

      Throughout the series, you admire and loathe Luciano with equal measure. The man is first and foremost a criminal who craves power, wealth and dominance and will lie, cheat, steal, manipulate and kill to attain all of it. At the same time, he did genuinely care about his family business, his associates and friends. He was not a bloodthirsty killer (as most mobsters are portrayed as), but to rise in the ranks, you have to extinguish who is already above you. Lucky never wanted to make the world a better place, he never wanted to change the world, he didn't even care about the world, but the world will always remember him as one of the greatest mobsters of the twentieth century.

~ ~ ~

Myer Lansky
L-R: Ian Bell as Myer Lansky and Myer Lansky
      A genius mathematician who never graduated from high school, but was immensely influential in the rise of the Luciano family as well as it's prosperity for over 30 years. Myer was friends with Lucky from the time they were young teenagers involved in illegal activities. Practical, intelligent and always cautious, Myer is Lucky's right-hand-man who never falters in his loyalty to Lucky. Myer is also one of a handful of mob members that escapes with little to no destruction to their name. He could be ruthless one moment and completely engaging the next and was a man who knew the power of money and how to possess and control that power.

      Due to Sicilian law, Myer is unable to take over the Luciano family when Lucky is in prison, but he pretty much ran most of it anyway. Nothing is ever done without his consultation and his advice and strategy tactics are almost always successful. Myer knew how to work people, how to get inside their minds and understand their psyche which made him a brilliant negotiator and business man. By the time of his death, Myer manages to escape most of the accusations brought against him throughout his life in the mob (the man was that brilliant because he was involved in some dirty and dangerous business) and died quietly of lung cancer in Miami Beach where he had retired. 

~ ~ ~

Vito Genovese
L-R: Craig Thomas Rivela as Vito Genovese and Vito Genovese
      A bold and brash mobster who craves power more than Lucky himself, but where Lucky believes in negotiation, Vito believes in manipulation or just killing people. Vito is the closest antagonist we get in the story and completely betrays Lucky and the rest of the family all for the sake of become head of the Luciano family. When Lucky is in jail he makes Vito his acting boss which turned out to be a terrible mistake. Vito's power goes to his head and almost destroys the family in less than 6 months. His ultimate disaster came when he fell in love with his beautiful cousin Anna who was married at the time, so to get Anna, he murders her husband. 

     Shortly after he and Anna are married, Vito's trouble begins to stack on him. Murder charges, drug charges and eventual deportation to Italy where he worked with drug trafficking during WWII. Vito is caught by the police and brought back to America on murder charges of which Lucky gets him out of. After Lucky's release from jail, Vito becomes upset at Lucky's resentment of him and eventually betrays him and the family by trying to assassinate Frank Costello, the acting boss of the Luciano family. Eventually, Vito served the rest of his life in jail on drug charges. Vito's ruthlessness and lust for power became his downfall as well as turning his back on one of his oldest friends and the man who gave him the power that he wanted only to see that power wasted away by selfishness, arrogance and betrayal. 

~ ~ ~

Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel
L-R: Jonathan C. Stewart as Bugsy Siegel and Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel
     Way back when the name Bugsy meant you were crazy or insane so it's understandable how Benjamin Siegel, a violent killer, would come by such a nickname. Bugsy is one of Lucky's oldest friends and is part of the Jewish and Sicilian mobs working as a crack hitman with a beastly temper. Because if his attractive looks and charming personality, Bugsy very easily became known as 'celebrity gangster.' During Lucky's jailtime, Bugsy is sent to California to begin business relations with the film reel union as well as numerous other unions that the Luciano family can have control over. 

     In 1946, Bugsy came across a desert area in the Midwestern America where it had one prospect that the mafia could legally dig their claws into, gambling. Bugsy was influential in the construction of Las Vegas with its first casino The Flamingo. It was literally a risky gamble that had a shaky start, but became very successful thanks to Bugsy's determination and the funding by the five Families. Unfortunately, Bugsy's happiness and his life were short lived when his girlfriend ran off to Switzerland with over a million dollars in her luggage leaving Bugsy virutally penniless and unable to pay back the Five Familes. In June 1947, Bugsy was assassinated, but to this day no one knows who was responsible and it remains a constant mystery, but Bugsy did leave behind the legacy of the creator of the Las Vegas mob.

~ ~ ~

Frank Costello
L-R: Anthony DiCarlo as Frank Costello and Frank Costello
      Lucky probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere had it not been for Frank Costello. Frank gave Lucky, Bugsy and Myer their start in the Mafia after they helped Frank get out of a difficult situation that he clearly didn't want to be in. Afterwards Frank became part of Lucky's inner circle and was known to be extremely intelligent and easy to deal with. He was loyal to Lucky and relied heavily on Myer's advice, especially after Vito is surprisingly named acting boss while Lucky is in jail. Lucky explains to Frank that if he had named him acting boss that would make him a target for power hungry Vito and Lucky needed Frank alive. So for months Frank worked quietly behind the scenes, cleaning up after Vito's messes and trying to hold the family together.

     After Vito is deported to Italy, Frank becomes acting boss and finally gets the family business under control. Over the years, the stress of running the family business and having to live in constant fear of his life, Frank begins to crack underneath the pressure. After a failed assassination attempt (commissioned by Vito Genovese) Frank is allowed to retire after heading the Luciano family safely and successfully for over twenty years. With the exception of Myer, Frank seemed to be the most humane of all of the mobsters and although he was brilliant as an acting boss, Frank really did want a life of legitimate businessman and to simply live, not survive from day to day.

~ ~ ~

Thomas Dewey
L-R: Adam Jonas Segaller as Thomas Dewey and Thomas Dewey
(Remember that lawyer that couldn't be paid off?)

       Thomas Dewey, a successful lawyer and aspiring politician who is the only person in New York who will not be paid off by the Mafia or will have nothing to do with the Mafia at all. In the 1930's Dewey takes an the unthinkable mission to bring down New York's criminal underworld. Starting with notorious hitman Dutch Shultz who is eventually killed by the mob because of his careless tactics, Dewey then moves on to take down the most powerful man in New York, Lucky Luciano. 

      Lucky managed to evade Dewey in his illegal businesses of bookkeeping, alcohol, racketeering and drugs, but makes a detrimental mistake of taking on prostitution operations (pimping). Finally Dewey nails Luciano on charges of running prostitution rings as well as using prostitutes to sell drugs to their customers. In an incredible attempt, Dewey manged to to get more than 60 prostitutes to testify against Lucky Luciano saying that he was responsible for putting them on the streets and the brothels. This was something that had never been done before and the most powerful mobster is put behind bars by the testimonies of prostitutes. Even though Lucky is now in incarceration, that doesn't stop Dewey from continuing to hunt down mobsters. After WWII, Dewey starts getting pressure from the military to release Lucky from prison due to his help in the war. Reluctantly Dewey signs his release, but demands that Lucky Luciano will never return to American soil. 

     To be honest, Dewey is characterized as a hero in this series and seems rightfully so. It's obvious he hated the mafia, the underworld and what they represented and he is portrayed as genuinely caring for the prostitutes that Lucky used. Dewey went on to be governor of New York and lost a presidential election, but to the New Yorkers of the 1930s, he was considered a hero and the first man to crack open the underworld. 

~ ~ ~

       This was a thoroughly engaging mini-series on a era of American history that I knew nothing about. I had never heard of Lucky Luciano or Myer Lanksy before Making of the Mob and now I've spent eight weeks learning about their fascinating lives and how every single man made their name in history. The whole series was actually filmed in West Virginia! I was completely shocked, but the locations and the cinematography were beautiful. Because it's a male dominated show that takes place in the 1930s-1940s, all men dressed the same way, but the period accurate costumes manged to take already attractive men and turn them into even more attractive men, just in a historical setting. 

      Making of The Mob: New York is great to watch as well as listening to the authors, historians and actors who were interviewed for the series and getting a better understanding of the history of the mafia, the creation of the American mob and the men who went down in history to make it happen.

~ ~ ~

The Cast
Top: Rich Graff (Lucky), Ian Bell (Myer) and Craig Thomas Rivela (Vito)

Bottom: Jonathan C. Stewart (Bugsy), Anthony DiCarlo (Frank) 

and Adam Jonas Segaller (Thomas Dewey)

Because the number one reason I continued watching this mini-series is I'm fascinated by the mob and the history of Cosa Nostra and it has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the all male cast.

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5 Female Characters Tag


1.) List 5 of your favorite females characters (book or screen).

2.) Tagging other people is optional

3.) If you are tagged link back to the person that tagged you.

4.) Link back to Revealed In Time

~ ~ ~

Choose one character from each category:

1.) Protagonist

2.) Villain

3.) Superhero

4.) That I would want to be friends with

5.) That I wish had better  development 

~ ~ ~

 1.) Protagonist 

Danielle de Barbarac 
Drew Barrymore as Danielle de Barbarac in Ever After
      Although "Beauty and The Beast" is my favorite fairytale, there is no denying that deep down inside there will always be a love for Cinderella. No one did the character of Cinderella justice than Drew Barrymore as Danielle de Barabarac in Ever After. Set in 16th-century France, Ever After combined both history and fantasy together and Danielle was created to be a woman ahead of her time. Intelligent, kind and courageous, Danielle had all the aspects that made Cinderella the beloved princess she has always been, but there was slight modern touch as well, as an educated woman with opinions and ideas that may have seemed extreme for a women to be talking about. There are no complaints about this character!

~ ~ ~

2.) Villain 

 Lady Morgana (Pendragon)
Katie McGrath as Lady Morgana Pendragon in Merlin
    In BBC's Merlin Lady Morgana is introduced as a generous and bold young women who shows no fear in standing up to her foster father, King Uther Pendragon. She is best friends with her maid Gwen, immediately befriends Merlin and plays a constant game of cat and mouse with her foster brother, Prince Arthur. Then Morgana's once happy and idyllic world begins to crash down around her when she begins to possess sorcery, which is forbidden in the kingdom of Albion and is punishable by death. Slowly, Morgana turns from the sweet lady to a conniving sorceress who is bent on making Uther (and eventually Arthur) pay for their injustice toward those with magic abilities. I loved how they made Morgana such a complex and multi-faceted character and as her character develops, you begin to see her downfall as a sorceress.

~ ~ ~

3.) Superheroes 

 Ororo Munroe//Storm
Halle Berry as Ororo Munroe//Storm in X-Men
      Seeing that X-Men was my introduction to MARVEL comics, it's only understandable that my favorite superheros are the X-Men themselves. Storm has been a favorite female superhero of mine for as long as I can remember. She is powerful, but soft-spoken and holds a great deal of wisdom and insight that has been gained though hard life experience. Not to mention, I love her abilities to manipulate the weather! In the beginning of the X-Men trilogy Storm admits that she fears humans and what they are able to do to mutants through their prejudice and hate. As the movies progress, Storm slowly overcomes her fear, most especially when her beloved students are in danger and she will fight to death to protect them.

~ ~ ~

4. That I'd want to be friends with

 Caroline Forbes
Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes in The Vampire Diaries
     We all need that one friend who is always going to be honest, whether we want honesty or not. In The Vampire Diaries, Caroline Forbes has honest opinions down to an art form. After Caroline makes the transition from human to vampire as well as the transition from the insecure popular girl to badass independent woman, she becomes a person whose knowledgeable advise becomes an absolute asset in the story. Caroline cares deeply for the ones she loves and her outspoken nature is only to protect people from feeling the pain that she is so often use to feeling. Of all the characters in the show, Caroline is the one that is hurt and abused the most and that pain is what fuels her to be strong for those who aren't. 

~ ~ ~

5. I wish had better development 

 Lana Lang (Smallville)
Kristen Kreuk as Lana Lang in Smallville
     Lana Lang is the girl that you envy and yet still want to be friends with. Despite her pretty face, Lana is lonely and searches for a purpose in her life. In the beginning of Smallville Lana is Clark's love interest and both of them go through an on-again/off-again relationship throughout their high school years. At that time, Lana was a fun and engaging character who came out of her shell and began to open up more to people. Then after high school, her character really began to stray. It's almost of if the writers didn't know what to do with her and so they kept on having her make these awful life choices that didn't seem to make sense for her practical character. Thankfully Lana's departure from the show (season 8) was well written, but I believe the writers could have given her more potential. 


     And if you just want to do it, go ahead!

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