Saturday, November 20, 2021

Wars of the Realm, #3 - Light of the Last

Light of the Last by Chuck Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The finale novel in the Wars of the Realm and the culmination of everything that the angel Validus and the Heavenly Host have prepared for since Christ left Earth. Drew Carter's whole life has been one of unfortunate circumstances. However, his strength of character and desire for justice in a cruel filled world compels him to do good even when the odds are against him. The extraordinary lab explosion that left him temporarily blind, but eventually gifted with hypersensitive senses and reflexes have served him well.

However, he is still the only person who can witness the ongoing war between the alien dark and light warriors that come from another realm. One that he cannot explain, but somehow in the midst of the madness and turmoil, Drew Carter will find the path to understanding who these people are and the reason they seem to be in a constant battle for his life.

Picking up where the Cloak of the Light left off, Drew is apprehended by the FBI, but instead of jail he is sent to a highly secured training facility where he is molded into an 'invisible agent.' Drew is then assigned off the radar missions that the FBI wouldn't dare touch. Throughout all this, Validus is faithful in his promise to protect Drew while bringing together a small contingency of warrior angels who assist him in his task.

The dark invaders are still ruthless in their constant pursuit for Drew Carter. When Drew comes across sensitive information that could be detrimental to not only the United States, but the rest of the world, he must use every resource necessary from science to faith to protect his country. Validus and his small angelic force will raid every corner of the Earth to fulfill a long secreted prophecy and bring to light all that Drew Carter was born to be and the man he is meant to become.

While it has a slow start Light of the Last really wrapped up Drew's exciting story while leaving some unanswered questions that could have been perfect for a companion series. I enjoyed the Wars of the Realm primarily for the characterization of the angels and possibilities of what Heaven might be like. Validus' story alone was so entertaining in his journey from a lowly angel to a well respected commander in the Heavenly Host. And then of course, Drew Carter, our noble hero, who turned the adversity in his life into preparation for both physical and spiritual warfare and the continuation of Biblical prophecy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

It all ends. The conclusion of Harry Potter's journey from a lonely orphan to a fully trained wizard comes full circle as he finally faces off with his life long nemeses Voldemort. Seeing this series come to an end was bittersweet. To be honest I really don't remember a lot about either films or even seeing them theaters! By the time The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 was released I was 20 or 21 and had somewhat grown out of Hogwarts and the Wizarding World. However, my love for the series always remains and I've always been proud that I've been on the journey with the Harry Potter kids from day 1. 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

We're in the homestretch now as the saga of Harry Potter and his predestined battle against Voldemort and his forces begins to manifest. However, compared to the predecessor novel, The Order of the Phoenix, which was intensely emotional and dark, The Half-Blood Prince is infinitely lighter (in both story and book size) and returns back to the crazy school days of stressful subjects, Quidditch, the ins and outs of young love, self-discovery and the early stages of real adulting. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Goodreads Reviews: Wars of the Realm, #2 - Rise of the Fallen


Rise of the Fallen by Chuck Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How did evil enter the world? Who were the angels and archangels? What were their roles? How were demons created? Are there rules and guidelines within the supernatural realms? When did spiritual warfare begin? In Chuck Black's sequel/prequel Wars of the Realm novel, Rise of the Fallen he writes his own ideas of Heaven, angels, demons, Lucifer, Jesus Christ and the 6,000 year war between the light and the dark all within the confines of Biblical text.

Validus, the last born of all angels, bears witness to the greatest events in mankind. From the Creation and eventual Fall of Man, the Tower of Babel and the Great Flood, to the extraordinary life of his beloved friend and king, Jesus Christ and the spreading of his Gospel message that changed the world. However, Validus has also been chosen to fight the ongoing powers of evil, darkness and death at the hands of 'the Fallen.' The 1/3 of angels - including Validus' own friend - that rebelled against God and sacrificed their angelic natures to be made into demonic entities.

Over the centuries, Validus has risen through the ranks of the angelic military hierarchy through his skill and wisdom as he battles the never-ending onslaught of evil. Within these wars, Validus has been tasked to care for a certain bloodline that is believed to serve an immense purpose in the future of spiritual warfare. In spite of his reservations from time to time, Validus remains faithful in his personal quest which ultimately leads him to the life of Drew Carter.

This book was excellent! Of course, we will never actually know what Heaven is like and who angels and demons really are, but that doesn't mean we can't wonder? I love how Chuck Black made the angels so personable with their own doubts and fears. Their love for their creator and humanity and their refusal to submit to the Fallen. The history the starts pre-Creation and extends into our own modern times made for a great and exciting read as you follow Validus' journey through war, peace, love, loss and constant courage and faith.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

10 Relatable Quotes

This last week was possibly the most stressful week of work I've ever had, if you've been reading my work posts (before I deleted them). 

Anyways it's time for some laughs, so here's 10 of the most relatable quotes that completely describe who I am.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix

 J.K. Rowling's longest and most exhaustive novel was seriously condensed to one major film storyline. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix is usually the least popular of all the Potter books because it's so long, there's too many storylines and this is really where Harry is at his absolute lowest point. However, this book is also Harry's turning point as well. No longer is he just a student in training, he becomes a teacher and a leader determined to break the rules, fight back and never compromise, no matter the situation.