The Girl

       I'm a homeschooled graduate...but I can't play any musical instruments, I've never been in a national spelling bee, I've never endured a science fair, I prefer reading Lemony Snicket over Jane Austen and C.S. Lewis over Louisa May Alcott, I only go to homeschooling conventions to shop, I didn't learn how to read at 2 years old, I hit my roof in math in the 2nd grade, I didn't graduate at 14 (17 actually), and I never had to wear homemade clothes.


Name: Ivy Miranda Spargur

Birthday: November 23, 1990

Birthplace: Norfolk, VA

Siblings: Four sisters and four brothers (and I'm slap bang in the middle of the boys)

Pets: 5 cats. Kizzy, Scamp, Oliver, Thor and Hobbs

School: Homeschooled from K-12.

Activities: Writing, reading,babysitting, Pinterest, computer work, making videos, fanfiction and whatever else may come along.

Eclectic fandom lover: Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Game of Thrones, Grantchester, 24, Leverage, Robin Hood (BBC), Smallville, Gilmore Girls, Merlin (BBC), The Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Foyle's War, Arrow,  Supernatural, The Originals, Avengers, Star Wars, The Musketeers 


  1. Hi! :) I LOVE YOUR BLOG. <3 It seems we have a lot of the same interests. <3 (I love Tolkien, and I love Les Mis, and I LOOOOVE Downton. And I like Jane Foster.) Anyway! Awesome.

  2. I love Downton Abbey! Thank you for becoming a "member" of my Downton Abbey fan blog!
    And thank you for becoming a follower of my main blog, 'Wonderland Creek'- I'm truly delighted to find another D A fan!

  3. Hi, thank you very much for your comment on my Harry Potter post! I like your blog, so I'll be following with Bloglovin'! :)


  4. Hi! I found your blog through Sarah's (How to Watch a Movie), and…I think I'm really going to like it. Gilmore Girls…Call the Midwife…BBC Robin Hood…Lord of the Rings…yes indeedy:D

  5. Hi Ivy, I was searching and I came on your lovely blog!
    I love Downton Abbey, Robin Hood BBC and Call the Midwife!


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