Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lord of The Rings Blog Party

     Bella Delallo at To Say Nothing of Reality is hosting her LOTR Blog Party that starts tomorrow and goes on for the whole week.



Day One: Tag!! Anyone and everyone participating Must do the tag. No exceptions.

Day Two: You will pick your favorite movie (or book. or both.) and explain why it is your favorite.

Day Three: FREE DAY!!!!!! You will pick a favorite dwelling from Middle Earth and talk about it. (you don't have to do too much. Just say why it is your favorite. Why you would want to live there or why you THINK you would be there.)

Day Four: Pick a favorite character and talk about him. (if you can't pick just ONE you are allowed to do more. Go crazy. Be my guest.)

Day Five: This is a free day on which you can do whatever you want to long as it relates to Tolkien. Go wild!!!! Draw some fan art! Do some coloring or writing (poooooems!)!!! Make a Video or Cosplay! Get creative here! (If none of the suggestions above move and grove you, do something else creative and fun. This is the Final Day. Make it epic!)

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