Monday, February 2, 2015

LOTR Blog Party Day One - Tag

1.) How were you introduced to Tolkien? Through my older siblings. I had never heard of Tolkien until promotion for the LOTR movies came out.

2.) Did you read the books before the movies or after? I haven't read LOTR, but I have read "The Hobbit" and I absolutely loved it!

3.) Do you like Tolkien's style of writing? Tolkien writes in a style that may seem strange to modern day audiences. He's very (almost over the top) descriptive of his stories, but doing that does allow the reader to really engage in this mythical world. Also, he does a very good job at getting in the minds and psyche of the characters.

4.) Do you like the film adaption? Yes! I loved the films very much! When I do read the books, it'll be interesting to see the film characters playing in my mind.

5.) What is one thing from the books that you wish Peter Jackson had included in the films? Like I said, I haven't read the books, but according to my sister, Tolkien did go into more detail about the elves. I would have liked to see more.

6.) What is one thing from the books that you are glad Peter Jackson cut/changed? Faramir's character. I think Peter Jackson made him much more realistic and relatable.

7.) What character do you think has the most strength and courage? That's not a fair question!! No, in all honesty, LOTR is filled with strong and courageous characters who all have their own battles to fight. So I would have to say either Frodo or Elrond.

8.) Which character do you think you are most like? Pippin. I always feel that I'm always making mistakes and can never measure up to other people, but given a chance, I think I can become my own person.

9.) Which is your favorite friendship? That's difficult...probably Legolas and Aragorn (I still love you Gimili!!) I love their friendship because of how Legolas sees Aragorn's worth as a king long before anyone else does and pushes him to understand that worth. And Aragorn considers Legolas to be his wisest counselor and never goes headlong into anything without first consulting his advice.

10.) Which is your favorite pairing? Faramir and Eowyn! They were both so alone in their lives and in the world and when they met, everything just came together for the two of them.

11.)Which Middle -earth villain terrified you the most? The Balrog!! Nightmares are made from that!

12.) What is your favorite quote from the books? I'm surprised I made it through the tag this long without depending on the books.

13.) What is your favorite quote from the movie? 

From the ashes a fire shall be woken
A light from the shadow shall spring
Renewed shall be blade that was broken
The Crownless again shall be king.

(Can that count as book and movie quote??)

14.) Given the choice would you spend the day with a hobbit or with an elf? Hobbit! Especially if food is involved.

15.) Mirkwood or Moria? Mirkwood.

16.) What is your favorite Middle Earth dress/style? The hobbit costumes were my favorite. They had a very traditional-country look, but were still elegant.

The lavender dress (end right) is my favorite!
17.) Red, brown, small and round! What did you just think of? A doughnut.

18.) Rivendell or Lothlorien? Rivendell! There such a sense of peace and tranquility and of course Elrond's library.

19.) Would you rather visit Rohan or Gondor? Rohan. The horses and countryside are just perfect.

20.) What is something about Middle Earth that completely astounds you? Everyone's perfect hair.

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  1. The comment about everyone having perfect hair cracked me up. Well done 8-D

    Ooooh I love how the Hobbits dress. It's so cute and cozy. I bet their clothes are very loose and comfortable. I understand why you'd choose that.

    Faramir is just perfect. I love him in the books and the movies. HE IS MY HERO OKAY?

    I didn't realize you hadn't read the books! I bet it was annoying to keep running into book questions. You did well though, considering. I hope you do the rest of the days too!!!!


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