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Daniel Gillies Appreciation Post

Daniel Gillies
     This handsome actor I may have mentioned once or twice on my site...only not as the actor himself. Canadian actor, Daniel Gillies, is most well known for playing my favorite vampire and Original, Elijah Mikaelson, in The Vampire Diaries and the spin-off series, The Originals. I had never heard of him prior to seeing Season 2 of TVD where he made his first appearance as the enigmatic Elijah, but his performance in his role was just astounding! I went from being terrified of him (and he was scary when he first arrives on the show), to completely admiring him as one of the most honorable heroes on the show. 

     Although, the character of Elijah is incredibly serious, Daniel Gillies is actually really funny and outgoing in real life. One of the things that really surprised me. I mean, I don't judge an actor by the characters they play, but I'm always amazed at how good actors are when they play characters that are completely opposite of their real life selves. 

Daniel Gilles and his wife, Rachel Leigh Cook
       Oh yeah, another funny fact about Daniel's acting; he usually plays the guy that loses the girl, (Bride and Prejudice, Spider-Man 2, and frequently on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals) but in real life, he's been married to the same woman for over ten years! That's like a lifetime in Hollywood! I hope they stay together, because they're quickly becoming one of my favorite Hollywood couples (after Chris and Elsa Hemsworth and followed by Jared and Genevieve Padalecki) and anyway, marital fidelity (especially on the man's part) is a sexy attribute, I'm not going to lie. Daniel and Rachel have a daughter, Charlotte Easton, who was born on September 28, 2013 (I can't find any pictures of her!) and last month they announced that they're expecting another child.

     Although, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals is where I've seen most of Daniel's work, there are two other movies I have watched him in; Spider-Man 2 (prior to TVD) and Bride and Prejudice (after TVD). It's not a lot, but he's also in a Canadian medical show called Saving Hope and he works alongside Erica Durance...Lois Lane from Smallville! I mean, Elijah and Lois in an operating room together! I'll have to find some way to watch the show, I've read that he's the comic relief.

Daniel as John Jameson in Spider-Man 2 and
Johnny Wickham in Bride and Prejudice
     In Spider-Man 2 he played Mary-Jane's quiet, but generous fiance, John Jameson, a young astronaut and first man to play football on the moon, as well as the son of Peter Parker's boss, J. Jonah Jameson, the erratic editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle. That guy was absolutely amazing and to think, that Mary-Jane left the poor man at the alter on their wedding day. I really did feel bad for him and even my sisters said that it was a terrible and cruel thing for her to do, because John was a great guy who would have been a very good match to Mary-Jane's quirky personality.

      Bride and Prejudice, on the other hand, he was exactly the opposite as the conniving Johnny Wickham (Bollywood version of Jane Austin's "Pride and Prejudice" villain, George Wickham). Johnny is introduced coming out of the water at a high end Indian resort in Goa. He takes a liking to Lalita (Lizzy Bennett) and she invites him to her home where he meets her family, especially her immediately infatuated younger sister, Lahki (Lydia Bennett). Throughout the movie, Will Darcy warns Lalita about how dangerous Johnny is, but she refuses to listen, until it becomes to late and Lahki has run off with him. Unlike the book, Wickham does lose the girl and even gets into a fight with Darcy at the end.

      Daniel could not have played two more different roles (and in the same year), but both he was very good in. You felt so terrible for John when he lost Mary-Jane and yet, were so excited when Johnny didn't get Lahki in the end. I actually bought Bride and Prejudice when I found out he was in it...but I feel no shame because now it's one of my favorite movies!

Daniel as Elijah in The Originals
(and having to put up with his sister's nonsense.) 
     I really am hoping to see Daniel in more films and shows, because I do love his acting. As Elijah, he is absolutely heartbreaking, but there is aways a sense redeeming hope in his character, which is probably why so many people love the character so much. I mean, after all, it was because of Elijah that the Original Mikaelson family was even written for the show!

~ ~ ~

      I'm thinking of making an appreciation post every month. It won't always be about an actor, of course, but just anything I enjoy; such as a country, movie, television show, etc. They're fun to do and a little look into my interests and why I like them...and also a way to fan-girl, just a little bit.

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