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Harry Lloyd Appreciation Post

Harry Lloyd
      I never have understood people who come across an actor, that they have never seen or heard of before, in one film and automatically designate them as their favorite actor or actress. I wait until I've viewed various roles and performances, before I consider them a favorite. So, that being said, if someone were to ask me who my favorite new actor would be, I would answer with no hesitation, Harry Lloyd! Although he may seem something of an unknown to American audiences, Harry has really made a name for himself in Great Britain and his popularity is growing and growing.

      I haven't seen him in a lot of films, but what I have watched him in, I have absolutely loved. Anyone who is a fan of BBC's Robin Hood will know him as Will Scarlett, but I didn't know that I had seen him in previous projects years before. So you can imagine my surprise when I looked him up on IMDb (after seeing him in Robin Hood) and found out that he was adorable young Denis Thatcher in The Iron Lady; that dorky smile looked really familiar. Not to mention he has grown up quite well since he first came into screen acting. 

Harry Lloyd in the various roles I've seen him in.
(of course, I had to go and spell Denis' name wrong. Sorry!!)
      As an actor, he is very convincing and just always seems so comfortable in his roles. And he does convey a variety of character personalities; from quiet and reserved Will Scarlett to cheeky and fun-loving Herbert Pocket; from an understanding husband like Denis Thatcher to a very confused one like Mortimer. At the same time, with what I have watched, there is always an element of Harry's real life personality in his characters that comes across on screen from time to time. Not all of them though; I've heard he plays an evil, evil villain in Game of Thrones, who thankfully dies at the end of season 1.

     He's not what you would call a conventionally handsome actor, but there is a very simple handsomeness to him; he has the prettiest green eyes and the right amount of Dr. Who(ish) gawkiness that makes him interesting to watch (or look at - there's a difference) . Oh, and his smile...which can range from sweet to satanic depending on his role. So he definitely falls in the geeky is sexy appearance category of David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Ben Whishaw, all of whom I also love...and who are all also British. 

Harry Lloyd as young Denis Thatcher
     I think the first movie I saw him in was The Iron Lady, he played the younger version of Margaret Thatcher's husband, Denis, who she meets at a dinner party. Margaret is a shy shopkeeper's daughter and has never attended a proper formal meal. Denis, who is completely accustomed to these kind of parties, ends up being seated next to her and helps through the meal with complete ease and kindness. I was in love the moment he told her how to properly use her cutlery. Then we eventually see their budding romance, courtship (The King & sweet), engagement (beautiful engagement scene!), early marriage and children. What little time he had in the film, he made it memorable.

Harry Lloyd as Herbert Pocket
     Then I saw him as Herbert Pocket in BBCs 2011 version of Great Expectations. I had never read the book, so when Pip is introduced to this gangly character with a suspicious Cheshire Cat grin, I wasn't sure if he was good or not. Herbert ended up being the most loyal and honest friend in the story and he brought a lot of humor to the otherwise dark and gritty plot. Oh, Harry Lloyd is also Charles Dickens great-great-great grandson as well. 

Harry Lloyd as Mortimer
      He also made a brief appearance as Mortimer in The Hollow Crown: Henry IV (Part One). It was a very small, blink and you miss him role, but the same charming persona was still there. His character was a cousin of one of the lead characters, Harry "Hotspur" Percy (played by Joe Armstrong; Harry's Robin Hood co-star) and his primary concern is trying to explain to his Welsh speaking wife why he has to leave with his cousin and go to war, which is hard because he can't speak Welsh and she can't speak English.

Harry Lloyd as Will Scarlett
      Then I finally saw him in Robin Hood where he was so quiet, reserved and only smiled on occasion. I loved him though! Will is the practical and pragmatic voice of reason, always dependable, maybe a little hot headed from time to time, but a true fighter and honorable friend. No wonder Djaq was so in love with him! I was disappointed when he (and Djaq) didn't return for Season 3, but he definitely made his mark in the show.

      Hopefully, I'll be able to see more of Harry's work in The Theory of Everything, where he plays Stephen Hawking's best friend and the Dr. Who episodes, Human Nature and The Family of Blood he was in and that, according to my sister, he was terrifying. Wow. This post ended up being a whole lot longer than I thought it would be...I'm not sorry. I normally don't fan-girl, but when I do, I attempt to be the best one out there.

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