Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sons of Liberty mini-series

Ben Barnes as Sam Adams
     History Channel is premiering the 3 night mini-series, Sons of Liberty, tonight and my family is going to watch it after Downton Abbey. Seeing as History Channel rarely, if ever, gets history right, it'll probably be terrible and inaccurate, but I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt. I've heard mixed reviews about the mini-series; some say it's good and others say it's terrible and normally I wouldn't care, but seeing as these men were not only the founding fathers, but should also be considered the greatest men in American history, I'm going to be a little skeptical.

(L-R) Ryan Eggold as Dr. Joseph Warren, Michael Raymond James as Paul Revere
Ben Barnes as Sam Adams, Rafe Spall as John Hancock, and Henry Thomas as John Adams


  1. You'll have to let me know how it is. I can see one problem just from the picture alone - Sam Adams was in his 40s when the Sons began and in his 50s when the war started. He was the oldest of the five they have pictured. Dr. Warren was the youngest of the group, being only in his 20s when the Sons got off the ground. Yet, in the picture Sam is obviously younger than the others and Warren looks like the oldest. Also, John Adams was not a member of The Sons of Liberty.

  2. The series is pretty badly written. It has more problems than historical inaccuracies, although there are plenty of those. The characters of the founding fathers are all clichés. John Hancock--representing the clichéd wealthy man--actually has the following line: "All this violence is terrible for business." Of course Sam Adams as a swashbuckling action hero with a Hollywood beard doesn't help. I enjoy historical series in general, but this is badly done.


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