Monday, August 15, 2016

Writer's Camp: Day Three - The Writer's Tag 

1.) How long have you been writing? 

      I started writing in 2008 with fan-fiction and that has been my primary platform since then. However, I have many original ideas, but they would require a great deal of study and research.

2.) Why do you write?

       I find it relaxing and I'm able to articulate my thoughts and feelings much better through writing.

3.) What are your favorite type of books to write?

      Fantasy and historical fiction. I don't have the patience to write a mystery!

4.) How many books have you successfully completed as of now?

      If this includes fan-fiction, then two Narnia inspired stories. There is also a Harry Potter fan-fiction I was in the process of writing years ago, but I hope to finish sometime this year.

5.) What are three things you hate about writing?

      Writer's block, trying to piece together timelines and ages (too much math for me!) and trying to come up with ideas that are originally my own.

6.) What are three things you love about writing?

      The ability to say what I want to say, the sense of accomplishment when I finish a chapter, and seeing your thoughts come to life.

7.) What story are you working on Right Now?

       I am actually working on my own piece of fiction called The Phoenix: A Medieval Cinderella Story. It's actually a combination of the Cinderella storyline and an original story idea that I had about a leper girl living during the Third Crusades.

8.) When is your favorite time to write?

      I write whenever I feel the inspiration hit. So that could be in the morning, afternoon, evening or midnight. I have to really feel the passion for the writing. If I don't, I just stare at the computer screen.

9.) Do you write short stories, children's books, novels? 

      A mix of novels I would say, but I would love to write a children's story one day.

10.) Do you draw inspiration/is your writing style influenced from any particular author?

     J.K. Rowling without a doubt has been my primary influence for writing. Her work is so fluid and concise. She gets the point across in one paragraph instead of three pages. 

11.) Do you write trilogies/series?

     Very much so! 

12.) Have you experienced Writer's Block?
     On a neverending basis.

13.) What was the fastest you ever wrote a book? 

      I take my time when I write, so it took about six months to write my first fan-fiction and closer to a year for my second.

14.) Do you hope to be published one day?


15.) What are some things you hope to share through your books?

     Courage, honesty, compassion and the struggle of good vs. evil.

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