Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Writer's Camp: Day One

      Bella Delallo as I am a Dreamer; Let Me Dream has started a writing camp for all aspiring writers out there! Great idea! I originally wasn't going to do it because I thought it was for teenagers, but Bella asked and, of course, I can never say no to her! The camp itself is quite long from August 10 to September 7 and that's because Bella wants to give people time to think through their writing, which is a good idea! 

What is it: Writers Camp is a sort of "Pick Me Up" for writers in need. It is similar to a Blog Party, only for this event we're focusing more on a learning/inspirational experience. Don't be put off though! I'm going to make this so called "Camp" as fun as possible!

The Rules: Anyone can participate, but you must link back to my blog. You should also follow me. 8-D This camp is going to be very family oriented, with a high focused on wholesome books that we don't see very often anymore. Things like Friendship and Family stories will be greatly emphasized. If I find some of your stuff super inappropriate, I won't post it.  (I honestly don't think this will be an issue at all. Most of you who seem interested write really good books. 8-D )

How it Works: Everyone who joins will send me an email with the link to their blog and the type of genre you tend to write it. You can have more than one. If you don't have a blog, this is no big deal. You can guest post on my Other Blog, Till the End of the Line. Just email me and we'll work something out. When Camp begins I will post the different participants on my blog, with the links to their blogs. I will continue to posts these links every day of Writers Camp.

Dates and Schedule

Day One: August 10th. -- Introducing the Writers and discussing what their genre is. (Fantasy/Historical Fiction/Sci-Fi/Steampunk...)

Day Two: August 12th -- This Day will cover prompts! I will post prompts and Plot Bunnies. You pick from the Prompts/Bunnies I post and use them as a guide to help you get creative during Camp. You can choose how many you decide to work with, and you do not have to do more than one. But you can if you want to. 8-) On Day Four you post your finished Work on your blog and link it back to me.

Day Three:  August 15th -- Tag, You're it! Day three will be a Writers-Tag! 8-D

Day Four:  August 17th. -- Prompts and Bunnies! Everyone will post their Prompt/Bunny. Link back to me and I will link back to you!! 8-D

Day Five:  August 20th --Bring Out the Books! Everyone will share certain Authors and series that are their personal favorite and explain why they like them, how they were inspired by them, and how others might be inspired.

Day Six: August 22nd -- Break Out of The Mold: Have you noticed that a vast majority of books now days seem to have that certain mold? Now is time to break out of that! This Day will cover the importance of a unique story and why it is so important to write the books you want to write, not the books "The Public" craves. Believe it or not, a lot of people want fresh ideas, despite what you see on the shelves. You can all post stories/books that you see as unique, or at least Stand Out.

Day Seven: August 24th --  Love/Family. This day will cover the importance on positive strong friendships,and family bonds. We'll discuss books (or TV Shows/Movies) with a positive angle to these topics, as well as books (or TV Shows/Movies) With a negative angle.

Day Eight:  August 26th --  Happily Ever After: We'll talk about The Importance of strong, realistic romance. As with friendship/family, we will show books (Or TV Show/Movies) with both positive and negative angles on the topic. Share some things you would like to see in a romantic relationship.

Day Nine: August 27th --  What's You Writing? Share the plot/characters of at least one book you are currently writing.  You are totally welcome to ask for feedback. 8-)

Day Ten:  August 30th -- Sample Time! We share snippets and samples of our writings. You can even write random scenes that have nothing to do with your books, but still show us what style you have and things like that. Again, you can absolutely ask for feedback.

Day Eleven: September 1st -- Would you Rather/What Now?  This will be a Writing Game! Basically, you will pick a character from a book you are writing on and put him through a Would You Rather/What Now? Test. I will supply the test. You have three days to complete it. This game helps you to understand your characters better, and it also helps you think as a writer.

Day Twelve: September 4th -- Conquering Writers Block!!! Okay, writers block is the worst obstacle a writer can face besides Plot Hole. This day will cover the different ways you can conquer or outsmart writers block, and how to keep yourself writing when you'd rather nap and give up on the whole thing.

Day Thirteen: September 6th -- Be inspired! Share things that help/inspire you with writing. Put out some ideas on what you think might help other writers get on with their work.

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