Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Little Things #3

 1.) Yellow: My favorite color : )

 2.) Acing a test: It is one of the best feelings in the world.

 3.) Romantic comedies: A genre about life as it can be.

 4.) The Hemsworth brothers: I mean seriously, do I honestly have to explain??

 5.) I have brown eyes: Brown with a little green. I've always loved my eyes : )

 6.) I avoid crowds: Nothing scares me more, than being in a crowd where no one notices me. 


  1. Yup…yup…yup…yup. I related to just about everything on this list:D Whaddya know? I have brown eyes that I've always rather liked, too!:)

    1. That's cool when you meet unexpected kindred spirits : )

  2. 1. I like yellow better than orange, and a soft yellow or a natural yellow pleases me greatly.

    2. True!

    3. Nice description.

    4. I only love Chris -- Liam is all yours.

    5. Me too! Only mine are dark, unadulterated brown, so dark they look black when I'm angry.

    6. I like crowds where I'm anonymous. Crowds where lots of people are looking at me, those I actively avoid.

    1. My younger sisters' eyes are solid brown and I get so envious because they're so big and perfectly shaped.

  3. Yellow is my favorite color too!
    But I don't hav brown eyes, but blue.
    Me too. I do not like big crowds at all. I'm always scared I cannot find the right way back again or that I cannot find my family anymore.



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