Saturday, October 17, 2015

AVMBP - Day Four: Favorite Theater Females

Day Four: Favorite Theater Females

     Aunt Eller - Oklahoma!: In 1906, Claremore, Oklamoma territory, the wise and strong-willed matriarch  reigns supreme as the voice of reason, understanding and good will. Not to say that the woman doesn't have a fun side; she's humorous and genteel and has no problem putting people in their place. She loves her niece, Laurey, fiercely and only thinks about what's best for her. Aunt Eller is the heart and soul of Oklahoma and defines the pioneer spirit entirely! 

     Milly Pontipee - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: I'd like to think that Milly Pontipee was probably the younger version of Aunt Eller. Spunky and determined to always make the best out of the worst of situations, Milly strides to straighten out the seven unruly Pontipee brothers, while trying bring the small town to accept the backwoodsmen. Ever since I saw this movie (at 6 or 7), I always loved Milly for her prettiness, sweetness and sense of camaraderie with everyone around her from the townsfolk, her husband, her brothers-in-law and her friends. 

     Fantine - Les Miserables: One of the most heartbreaking, but heroic characters in the whole story.  No one defines the broken human soul that longs for redemption as much as Fantine does. She is a woman who has made mistakes and spends the rest of her young life trying to atone for them. Except forgiveness is not a virtue the 19th century French have really cared to practice. Everything Fantine does is for the sake and livelihood of her daughter and in the end she is rewarded for her goodness, courage and overwhelming love. 


  1. I love Oklahoma, and Aunt Eller is fabulous. Sometimes she reminds me a little bit of my older sister, and it's hilarious!

    Aw, yes. Millie. She was quite the character wasn't she?

    Thank you so much for doing this!

    1. Oklahoma! is one of the best plays! And I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (it was one of the first musicals I ever saw); the music is pratically legendary.

      You're welcome : ) Your blog parties are always fun!

  2. Three of my favorites as well! I would love to play Millie -- wouldn't she be fun?


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