Sunday, October 25, 2015

AVMBP - Day Seven: Pick a Character; Choose Your Favorite Portrayal

Day Seven: Pick a Character; Choose a Portrayal 

Christine Daae

      Christine Daae is such a wonderfully complex and confusing character/ There is a vulnerability about Christine and a reality to her character that really brings her to life. There might be those who can relate to Christine due to her early loss in life which led to loneliness and often seclusion. She has dreams and ambitions, but is quiet and humble about them. She very kind, compassionate and knows her worth as a singer, dancer and actress, but still remains open to more learning and training. 

      It was probably many of these qualities that endured Raoul to Christine when they were children and eventually Christine to Erik. I believe that is was Christine's genuine goodness that drew Erik to her in the first place, but everything spiraled quickly when competition is thrown in the mix. When Erik begins to kill, Christine blames herself for not being better, stronger and more capable with her emotions. She loves both men dearly as well as all the people in the Opera House and is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to protect everyone around her. 

     I love Christine because she is real. She is on the balance between obtaining her dreams as a professional actress or becoming a viscountess. There is no selfishness, arrogance, or ill-will within her; extreme loss at a young age sent her into a world of grief, but it didn't hold her back, it pushed her forward and that is what Christine does. She continues to go forward in her life even when it means looking back might break her heart. Christine is a soft-spoken fighter whose angelic voice and fierce protective heart captures everyone around her.

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