Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beautiful People Link-Up #2

     Beautiful People link-up is back! This was a lot of fun last month, but I'm not sure if we have to do a different character from each story idea or not...well, I do a different one.

     Lady Margret Von Kesslar from "A Season Under Heaven" 

1) What’s their favourite food? (Bonus: favourite flavour of chocolate!) Well, she's German so of course she's going to love Bavarian chocolate! Margret also loves any type of fruit, especially oranges and strawberries.

2) What do they absolutely hate? Margret hates hearing people fight and she hates being yelled at.
When she got married she made a promise to herself that she would never yell at her children, nor would she allow her husband to do it.

3) What do they enjoy learning about? Other countries. Margret wants to visit every country in Europe and also go to America.

4) Who is the most influential person in their life? Her husband, Captain Frederik Von Kesslar, a pilot in the German military during WWI. Although Margret dreaded that her husband was going to war, he told her that it was his duty before God to protect his homeland and to secure a happy future for their children.

5) What is their childhood fear? The dark. Margret has always feared the dark.

6) What is something they have always secretly dreamed of doing, but thought impossible? Taste one dessert in every part of the world. 

7) What is something they are impractically afraid of? Walking down the stairs without a rail.

8) Are they a night owl or morning person? Definitely a night owl. 

9) Do they say everything that pops into their head, or leave a lot unsaid? Because of her high social status, Margret is expected to keep her mouth shut. Only her husband has cared to listen to what she says.

10) What are their nervous habits? Getting up and walking around.


  1. Hello! Strolling in from the linkup :)

    Quite interesting! I should definitely like to know more.

  2. Oh, boy! I just love German history and German historical fiction.

    Ahem. Sorry, I'm here from the linkup. This looks exciting, and I hope we'll be seeing more of it soon. I like Margret's wishes. They sound vaguely familiar.

  3. She sounds like an interesting character! With the obvious exception of The Book Thief, there are so few books about WWII from the "other" side.

    I'm a new follower brought here by the link up :D


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