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Five Favorite Couples Tag

As a continuation to the two previous Five Favorites tags that I did last year, I'm now creating the Five Favorite Couples Tag! Same rules apply as with the other two.


Pick one couple from each category

Tagging is optional

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1.) Period Drama Couple

2.) Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couple

3.) Superhero Couple

4.) Preferred Couple (from a love triangle)

5.) Couple Ended Too Soon

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If there is a couple you like, but they seem to fit more than one category, that's fine.

Such as Robin Hood and Marian fit the categories period drama. couple ended too soon and preferred couple. You can pick them for one category or all of them!

Your favorites, your opinions, your choice! Several of my choices fit more than one 
category as well.

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1.) Period Drama Couple

Ross & Demelza Poldark
from Poldark (2015)

     By far the most difficult category for me! I have so many favorite period drama couples, but Ross and Demelza Poldark have taken the top spot...for now : ) What I love about their relationship was that it in the beginning of the story it was more convenient than conventional. A gentleman marrying a servant was unheard of, but Ross had long since stopped caring about what people thought about him and was desperate to rid himself of his feelings for Elizabeth.

      Demelza is the ultimate Cinderella, starting out as a raggedy waif, running away from her terrible family and finding unexpected love. Ross and Demelza have a very rocky relationship that overtime blossoms in true and devotional love. They both have to face a great deal, whether it's practical abject poverty, unfeeling relatives, long lost loves, scandal and the even the loss of their baby. Ross and Demelza soldier through and continue to come out from all of it stronger than before.

~ ~ ~

2.) Sci-fi/Fantasy Couple

Arthur & Guinevere
from BBC's Merlin

      There have been many retellings of King Arthur and his beautiful enigmatic queen, Guinevere, but BBC's Merlin, I believe. was the first time that Gwen was created as a servant. A rather fresh and more romantic take on their legendary love story. While sweet and sacrificial Gwen is terribly overshadowed by cruel and rebellious Morgana, I found her to be a wonderful heroine that deserves more praise than what she has received. 

     In the story, Arthur who starts out as a rash and spoiled prince who slowly begins to find himself falling in love with the beautiful lady in waiting. Gwen is honest and loyal and will never back down even when she is wrongfully accused. Arthur grows as a young prince as he witnesses her incredible courage and honor that is displayed every single day with random acts of kindness and generosity. And Gwen sees the king that Arthur is capable of becoming even when he cannot see it himself. Their road to love is hardly a fairy tale, but their story is bittersweet that brings both laughter and tears. 

~ ~ ~

3.) Superhero Couple

Clark Kent & Lois Lane 
from Smallville

      As with Arthur and Guinevere, there have been many takes on the love story between the Man of Steel and his love, Lois Lane. Smallville's rendition, by far, is my absolute favorite. What I enjoye the most is the fact that we meet them when they are both and unsure about their futures. They both go through a great deal of trial in their own personal love lives, as well as dealing with family, friends, work and no small amount of weird and unexplained alien encounters. However, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger in life and in love. 

     Lois' storyarch was beautifully written as she starts out as a rebellious former army brat who just wants to party and have fun. A major tare away from the usual by-the-book, all business Daily Planet journalist. Overtime she grows and matures and with growth comes pain and heartbreak, but it also brings her closer and closer to Clark Kent. By the time Lois and Clark fall in love, they're already best friends with each other and that is the sweetest part of the story, their friendship built from many years of hardship and happiness eventually became love. 

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4.) Preferred Couple (from a love triangle)

Stefan Salvatore & Elena Gilbert
from The Vampire Diaries

      Those awful, sentimental, sappy love triangles that I try to avoid, but always end up getting sucked into. I've made it no secret that I will always prefer good and honorable Stefan Salvatore over his dangerous and illusive brother Damon and that applies with his relationship with Elena.What Elena had for Stefan, I believe, was real love. A love that was strong enough to risk everything (even her life) to rescue him from destruction. At the same time, Elena is led by lust for Damon a bad boy who refuses to be good. 

     However, you may want to spell it out, for the time the Elena and Stefan were together on the show, I loved their early love story. Stefan loves Elena and protects her fiercely, but also respects her decisions (Damon did not). When Elena discovers that Stefan is a vampire, she demands she stays away and he complies without complaint. Yet, they are still brought back together over all the death and pain, and find a much needed peace and joy with one other. 

~ ~ ~

5.) Couple Ended Too Soon

Jack Bauer & Audrey Raines
from 24

      It's a truth universally accepted that Jack Bauer can never hold on to anything and whatever he touches dies. At least that's whats been told to him by his daughter and the former secretary of defense. Yet, you are either a patriot trying to save the world or a man trying live a normal life, you can't have both and sadly, in Jack's case, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Nobody understands that better than Audrey Raines who became Jack's most serious love relationship in the series. Both Jack and Audrey have governmental jobs and former tumultuous love relationships and it's those two understandings that make them a great couple.

     Of course, Jack and Audrey become separated for good at the end of season 6 (thanks to Audrey's ungrateful father), but Audrey really was the most perfect person for Jack; probably because there were many similarities to his first wife. While combating two difficult love triangle, believing that each other is dead, taking on terrorists and both becoming victims of the Chinese government, Jack and Audrey were a love story that brought a sense of completion to Jack's complicated life. 

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  1. Thanks!! Will do it soon!! :D

  2. Thanks for the tag Ivy! I'll get to work on it pronto! :D

    I've only seen your first two picks, and those I love! Both of them were so satisfying to watch play out on the screen. I was really surprised at how much I loved Ross and Demelza. I thought the show bordered on soap opera-ness, and worried that they'd fall apart, so I really enjoyed their dedication to each other. And Arthur and Gwen are so adorable! I was so into their relationship when I was watching the show. :D

    1. It took longer than I expected, but I've posted my answers! I had a hard time deciding on a love triangle to talk about -- until I saw Stranger Things! ;D

  3. Thanks so much for the tag! I can't wait to do it, even though it's taken me so atrociously long :P

    Someday I ought to watch Merlin…just waiting for emotional stability to come so I can wreck it respectably ;)


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