Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Royal Families: Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Frederik and Mary in 2004 and 2015
     My absolute favorite royal couple! Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark have a love story that is the stuff of modern day romance films. I first found out about them when I saw their wedding photos on the internet several weeks after their May wedding in 2004 (May 14th, to be exact). From that point on I have followed their early marriage and their growing family of four children.

      Before they met, Crown Prince Frederik had been a typical playboy, party prince who had no desire to take his royal duties as the crown prince (he actually got so out of control that the Danish people wanted his younger brother Joaquin to take the throne instead if him). Mary’s family was originally from Scotland, but moved to the tiny island of Tasmania where she and her older sisters and brother were born and raised. Mary grew up loving horses and sports; she went to college and became a real estate agent.

Frederik and Mary with their children
     After a several years of reckless antics, Frederik grew up and started taking his role of Denmark’s future king seriously. In 2000, he decided to hit the Sydney Olympics with his younger brother. Mary was an avid sports fan and flew to Sydney as well. They were then introduced through mutual friends…at a local bar. They exchanged numbers and really that was that. A year later, Mary moved to Denmark and got a job. The press soon caught on to the secret romance and Mary became the hottest news in Denmark. After several years of dating and speculation, it was announced in October of 2003, that Frederik and Mary planned on marrying.

      On May 14, 2004 after almost two months of festivities Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark wed Mary Elizabeth Donaldson of Australia in a beautiful spring wedding. A year later, Prince Christian was born and the line of succession was secured. In 2007, Princess Isabella was born and in 2011, unexpected twins Vincent and Josephine arrived. Like most royal couples, Frederik and Mary are devoted to charity work and international causes that they want to bring to the world’s attention.

     Frederik has made a name for himself for his work in military and environmental causes and Mary works tirelessly for women’s rights and the welfare of women and children all over the world. It’s not unusual to see both of them with at least one of their kids with them. Frederik and Mary remain one of the world’s most popular and well loved couples for their warm and friendly natures and how they have been brilliant representatives of Denmark’s history and future.

Wedding Day - May 14, 2004 --Waiting for Mary to arrive.


  1. I've been to the church where they got married and it was beautiful

    1. I figured you would comment, seeing as you're Australian : ) How exciting to be in the same church! Do you have interests in other royal families?


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