Thursday, May 5, 2016

Liebster Blog Award #4

     My fourth nomination for the Liebster Blog award is given by Sarah at How to Watch A Movie. Thank you so much! I remember for several years wanting to get this award. Then in 2014, I was nominated three times in a space of 18 months!  It's a fun tag and I enjoy getting it. 

1. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
2. Nominate other bloggers (up to 11) and give them 11 questions to answer.

Sarah's Questions:

1. Favorite movie genre, and why?

     - Romantic comedy! I enjoy the romantic comedy because it's about everyday life and the issues that people face. In a romantic comedy, you can sometimes see yourself in at least one character or understand what situation is going on. There is a reality within the romantic comedy genre.

2. Favorite movie that's an adaptation of a book you've read?

     -  Francis Ford Coppola's, The Godfather. Possibly one of the best movies I've ever seen. 
     - Kevin Sullivan's, Anne of Green Gables. Even though the movies were very different from the books, they still had the same whimsy and charm that the original novels had. 

3. An actor or actress you're enjoying who you've only recently noticed?

    - Patrick Sawyze. I know he's been dead for seven years and he's an actor of my parent's generation, but I've just recently seen him in films like Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing and Ghost and I can now understand why he is considered an acting legend. He was incredibly talented in so many areas! He reminds me a lot of Chris Hemsworth, which is fitting, seeing as Chris Hemsworth was cast as Swayze's original character of Jed in the 2012 remake of Red Dawn

And he was just breathtakingly beautiful...

4. A favorite "unexpected surprise" movie?

     - Jurassic World! I just went to see it for fun because other family members were going, but I was really surprised at good it was!

5. A movie that has a cast catered to you?

     - The whole Harry Potter franchise. What I would have given to be a part of that cast!

6. An obscure movie that you think is great and you wish more people knew about?

     - Disney's 1994 live action film, The Jungle Book. It is seriously one of the most beautiful films, but was incredibly overshadowed by the animated films that were coming at the same time.

7. A movie that has a great soundtrack?

     - Bride and Prejudice. It has a great mix of Punjabi and western music that went well with the theme of the movie.

8. A movie that reminds you of summer?

     - Hairspray (2007). I don't why though! maybe because it came out in the summertime, but it always reminds me of summer. 

9. A movie you loved as a kid and still love (not because of nostalgia)?

     - Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. This is a pure classic Disney film and is still a family favorite. 

10. Plot device pet peeve?

     - Love triangles! The best way to ruin a good female character is to put her into a love triangle. 

11. Ending preference for movies, and why?

     - Well, happy endings are always good, but I also like loose ends that really leave it to the audience's interpretations as to what might have happened or what will happen. 

~ ~ ~

I nominate:

My Questions:

1.) What famous person in history do you want to meet?

2.) If you could live in any of your favorite fandom world's, where would it be?

3.) Were you popular growing up? 

4.) Which book have you read the most?

5.) Is there a movie or book that seems to describe you or your life?

6.) Could you survive a week without any kind of technology?

7.) What words annoy or aggravate you?

8.) Your favorite quote?

9.) Do you like myths and legends? If so what kinds? (eg. Greek, Scandinavian, African)

10.) Would rather get lost in the mall or at the library?

11.) Are you easily influenced by popular culture or do you discover things on your own?


  1. What lovely questions! I will so do these! :D Thank you!

  2. I just saw Bride and Prejudice for the first time this spring, and it was so bouncy and joyful and fun! I really want to watch it again.

    And yeah, I'm not a big fan of love triangles either.

  3. Thank you for nominating me! I'll be sure to answer these and post it as soon as I can. :)

  4. Great answers Ivy, thanks! :) I like your explanation for 1. That's awesome that Jurassic World surprised you. It's such a fun movie. :D Oh yeah, Harry Potter had huge casts. Haven't seen your obscure movie... I saw Bride and Prejudice though, and I remember loving the music. Homeward Bound! I loved that as a kid too, but haven't seen it recently! Love triangles. Good Pick -- hear hear! Interesting answer for 11. I like those sometime too, but not always. So what's a movie that has a open ending that you love?

    You came up with some really great questions!


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