Sunday, May 15, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

     Last night, my sister and I finally saw Civil War! I was beyond amazed when the film finished! It was an extraordinary end to the Captain America franchise and a beautiful final story arch to Steve Roger's ever growing character. While I consider myself 100% Team Cap, I found myself agreeing with both sides of the confrontation in many ways. Both sides were right and both sides were wrong. However, both sides were fighting for an ultimate good, therefore there would be no way that one would prevail over another (same scenario with Batman v. Superman). 

Top L-R:  - Capt. Steve Rogers//Captain America, Bucky Barnes// Winter Solider,
Sam Wilson//Falcon

Bottom L-R: Wanda Maximoff//Scarlet Witch, Clint Barton//Hawkeye,
Scott Lang//Ant Man
     After the destruction in Sokovia that killed millions, the Avengers are now being called into questioning for their actions. While they have conquered evil in the past 4 years, the casualty numbers have begun to rack up and people and the government believe that the Avengers extreme end tactics are causing more damage than good. So, to try and appease both sides of the equation, Secretary of State has drawn up the Sokovia Accords which will limit the Avenger's actions, their missions and how far they are allowed to go.

     Steve Rogers is not pleased with the government infringing on the rights of the Avengers and controlling their free will and use of their own abilities. This is especially hard for Wanda Maximoff who is trying to adjust to her new life, but her abilities are stronger than she can handle and during a mission, she accidentally killed thousands of which she feels guilty. Meanwhile, Steve and Sam continue to search for Bucky Barnes who is slowly coming out of his brainwashing and coming back to his old self again.

     While Steve disagrees strongly with the Accords, Tony (surprisingly) wants them to be signed as he believes that the Avengers need to kept under control and their have grown irresponsible  and reckless. During of the signing of the Accords at the United Nations, there is a surprise bombing which kills many including King T'Chaka of Wakanda who was the originator of the Accords. When video surveillance shows Bucky Barnes planting the bomb, Tony and Natasha are convinced that the Winter Soldier is responsible. 

Top L-R: Tony Stark// Iron Man, James Rhodey//War Machine, 
Natasha Romonov//Black Widow

Bottom L-R: Vision (formerly JARVIS), Peter Parker//Spiderman, 
Prince T'Challa//Black Panther

      However, Steve and Sam beat Tony to finding Buck and find out that Bucky has recovered from his brainwashing and trying live a normal life. This doesn't deter Tony from tracking down Steve and soon the Avengers take sides against one another and battle it out. Steve's side is joined by the fun loving Scott Lang or Ant Man. While Tony recruits brainy Peter Parker (Spiderman) and Prince T'Challa (Black Panther), the son of King T'Chaka, who seeks revenge for his father's death. 

      Secrets and lies can destroy a person faster than a bomb and soon the past catches up with several Avengers, causing them to reevaluate their lives and what they're really fighting for. After the death of an old friend. Steve knows what he believes and will not be moved, but Tony's own past life continues to haunt him. Soon, the most powerful and damaging secret is brought to the light and everything that Tony and Steve had as friends and allies is put on the battle lines between right and wrong, good and evil, and finally life and death.  

     Throughout the film, several characters are brought in and reveal the people that they lost in the battle of Sokovia and blame the Avengers for their losses. Yet, what were the Avengers suppose to do? Every war has casualties and while it's harsh to say, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. They couldn't just stand by and let evil prevail. People needed to stop blaming the Avengers for their losses and instead thank them for trying to make the world a better place. 

United We Stand, Divided We Fall
    What I enjoyed about Civil War is that there was no wrong or bad side. Both sides had their good reasons and both wanted what was best for the world and humanity. I enjoyed the new blood that was brought in as well. I haven't seen Ant Man, but after seeing Scott Lang in action, I now know I definitely need to see it! He's hysterical! I've seen so many Spidermans, that I really wasn't hyped to see another one. While this Peter Parker is the right age and attitude, I just found him annoying and was glad when he left. However...I LOVED Prince T'Challa! He was a beautifully written and acted character that had a brilliant story arch which is obviously going to lead into a solo film. A wonderful addition the the Avengers and a much needed ally for both sides. 

     To be honest, I'm sad that the Captain America franchise is over. It's one of the best trilogies I've ever seen (after the Godfather and original Star Wars). Civil War actually didn't tie all the story up and by the end you are still left more questions than answers. Although I'm going to miss Steve Rogers and have enjoyed watching his story from the beginning to now, he's brought to this generation a hero to believe in and the idea that anyone can make a difference if they are willing to stand and fight. 


  1. oh man I just remembered that was the last Captain America movie....Im sad now.

    I loved Civil War, and while I say Im Team Iron Man, I also found myself agreeing with both sides. But I mostly feel like we need to protect Bucky Barnes. like seriously. I adore him.

    Loved the movie, but Winter Soldier I think is still my favorite Captain movie. it just gets to me. its probably one of my favorite Marvel movies. (also, AOU, despite that its a very unpopular opinion.)

    glad you enjoyed the movie!

  2. Bucky is a great character and it always seem like he's the one that ends up suffering the most.

    I loved Winter Solider! That movie was perfection just like the whole trilogy. I believe that out of all of the Marvel franchise, they have definitely poured their best talent and work in the Captain America trilogy. And AOU was a great movie too! Ignore the unpopular opinions of disgruntled fans who honestly believe that their own vision of a good comic book story is somehow superior to a seasoned writer and director's vision.

  3. Nice review! I didn't see the movie in the same way as you in a lot of ways, but I'm really glad you enjoyed it so well and liked the parts that bothered me!

    For me, I thought Iron Man's reasoning in many places was flawed or forced so I found it easy to always side with Cap -- which I did like because I wanted to side with him because it was his movie, but it seemed like Iron Man's character was forced into something he naturally isn't in order to make the movie happen, and I like him, so that bothered me. I liked T'Challa because once he saw the error of his way he changed (and at the end he was determined to protect the same person he was out to kill the whole movie!), but Tony just kept pushing it all further and further for no good reason. And he's never seemed like that type of person before. I mean, if Cap hadn't stopped him he would have killed Bucky and that is just not okay to me. I also adored Spider-Man. Sorry you didn't! What was annoying about him to you? Just how much he talked...?

    I thought the movie was very worthwhile for two things: the very high quality action and stunts which were just amazing and the best Marvel has done yet, and Bucky's story line. I'm so glad they're continuing it so well, because I wanted more from him after TWS. I kinda fell in love with him in this one. :D

    But, otherwise, I just wasn't too crazy about the civil war plot line in the first place, and I kept feeling like it was being forced so that whole part of the movie I didn't really enjoy. And like you said, people don't appreciate the Avengers or realize the good they do, and I wish they would because it's so obvious to us!

    You should definitely watch Ant-man, it's a great movie! :D

    1. Thank you! I love hearing different opinions on the same movies : ) The more I think about what Tony went through in losing his parents as a result for them working for S.H.I.E.L.D. I can understand why he feels that the team would need more control and surveillance. And Tony, for all his arrogance and bluster, does have a strong sense of right and wrong. If he sees evil being done, then he will do something about it, regardless of the backstory.

      I don't really know why Spider-Man annoyed me, but really he just doesn't fit in with the whole Avenger storyline. Probably because he was so young and also Spider-Man's story is vastly different from all the Avengers. I feel like Spider-Man was just a cameo appearance, but really had no point to the storyline. And yes, he did talk way too much.

      Bucky's story gets better and better with each movie! I have to be honest and say that Bucky was the only reason I sat down and watched the first film with my was literally love at first sight with him : ) I thought it was cool in Civil War how Bucky was living in Romania, seeing as Sebastian Stan is Romanian and how they slid a small part of the actor's real life into the story.

    2. Exactly -- it wasn't too much of a stretch that he would think the accords were a good idea, but because he does have a good sense of right and wrong it doesn't make sense that he would buy that lady's accusation that he murdered her son. He should have known it wasn't his fault. And he also should have known that it wasn't Bucky's fault that he killed his parents. Everything he did seemed overblown to justify the war.

      I totally agree that Spider-Man didn't fit at all. He didn't fit in with the others (which I'd say is a good thing for his solo movie) and his presence was very contrived. I didn't care though, because I was excited to see him! :P

      It does! I can't wait for more with him! I wonder when that will be...? Oh, I missed that he was in Romania in the movie. That is neat!


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