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Ten Favorite Screen Characters Tag

     Jamie at Through Two Blue Eyes nominated for the Ten Favorite Screen Characters Tag! Thank you Jamie!! Surprisingly enough, allof my favorite characters were supporting characters that all had one similar trait, the loyal friend. I've just always loved that role and characterization. So here are my 10 favorites!

Lionel Logue – The King’s Speech
Colin Firth as Bertie and Geofrey Rush as Lionel Logue
     This man epitomizes what a true doctor and friend should be. Lionel Logue was a man who saw greatness when no one else did. He was non-judgmental and lived a very simple life that added to his humble nature. In The King’s Speech, you wouldn’t think a speech therapist of all people to make a difference, but that was what I loved about the story; that anyone has the possibility to be whatever they want, if they are willing to work hard enough to achieve it. 

Leonardo Da Vinci – Ever After
Patrick Godfrey as Leonardo DaVinci and Drew Barrymore as Danielle
     The fairy-godmother of this beautiful rendition of the classic Cinderella story. Leonardo Da Vinci is the artist in residence at the palace of France where he befriends that young and rebellious Crown Prince Henry. Soon he becomes Henry’s confidante in all matters concerning love, Danielle’s savior who rescues her from her step-mother’s prison and the voice of reason in a very confusing love story. A painter, architect, designer and inventor, Leonardo sees the world very differently; he sees it as it can be, with no obligations to bloodlines or names, but rather to honesty and courage. 

Robert ‘Bobby’ Kennedy – The Kennedys
Rachel Booth as Ethel Kennedy and Barry Pepper as Bobby Kennedy
     As a long time Kennedy fan, I found this mini-series to be absolutely breathtaking! The acting on all fronts was spectacular, but Barry Pepper’s portrayal as Bobby Kennedy was above and beyond the best performance. I’ve admired Bobby Kennedy for many years and in The Kennedys he is exactly the kind of man that you would want by your side, whether in politics or marriage. Bobby is devoted to his country and will take any means necessary to ensure that his brother is able to fulfill his duties. When he’s off the clock, Bobby is a faithful husband to his beloved wife Ethel, a devoted father to his ever-growing brood of children and a devout Catholic that always trusts in God’s will for his life, his family and his country. 

Francois Pienaar – Invictus
Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar
     A man who believes that true leadership is found in leading by example. In 1992, newly freed Nelson Mandela wants to bring peace to apartheid divided South Africa. To do that, he must give all his people something to believe in, and if not in politics, then maybe in sports. He enlists the help of the Francois Pienaar, the captain of Spring Boks rugby team and asks his to do one thing, win the Rugby World Cup. Although, he may think it impossibility at first, Francois convinces his team that the world is changing and they must change with it. A true definition of leadership and strength, Francois is more than just a captain of a rugby team, he is a champion of believing in the impossible and changing the hearts and minds of millions around the world. 

(L-R) Shirley Knight as Neecie, Maggie Smith as Caro and Fionulla Flanagan as Teensy
     Otherwise known as Princess Naked-as-a-Jaybird, Teensy Whitman is a wealthy Louisiana socialite that he seen her far share of loss in her lifetime. Losing both her beloved older brother and extraordinary mother, Teensie identifies with loss more than anyone else in the story. Yet, it doesn't weaken her, but makes her a stronger person. From childhood, Teensy has always had a strong sense of right and wrong and doesn’t care how many ‘social’ rules she has to break for people to understand moral virtue.

Geoffrey Chaucer – A Knight’s Tale
Paul Bettany as Geoffrey Chaucher and Allan Tudyk as Wat
     The actual author of "A Knight’s Tale" (taken from his Canterbury Tales collection), Geoffrey or Geoff is “trudging” the lonely open road to absolutely nowhere when he is given a chance to break the law, create a fake patent of nobility and allow a poor squire to achieve his dream of becoming a knight. A man of many talents, which also includes extraordinary public speaking skills, Geoff is a brilliant public relations manager that gets Will’s name off the ground and into the competitive air of jousting. As funny, clever and charming as the tales he eventually writes, Geoffrey Chaucer is an unforgettable character.

Anne Howard Martin – The Patriot
Lisa Brenner as Anne Howard Martin and Heath Ledger as Gabriel Martin
     As ardent a patriot as any man, Anne is a woman who believes passionately in the fight for America’s independence and that passion leads straight to the heart of Gabriel Martin. Anne was a fantastic love interest character, who wasn’t just a docile face in pretty dresses; she was intelligent and lively, while maintaining the elegant feminine grace of young ladies at the time. Anne was probably loosely inspired by Abigail Adams and I enjoy seeing a young woman of that time period who is independent in her beliefs, but was still well-grounded in her upbringing.

Bailey Tallet – Real Steel
Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton and Evangeline Lilly as Bailey Tallet
     A tough, but generous gym owner that mediates between a distant father and his stubborn son, Bailey sometimes finds family fights to be worse than any bot fighting she’s witnessed. Although, she didn’t have a very large role in the film and was really just the love interest, Bailey brought a breath of fresh air to the drama between Charlie and Max, and you could definitely see the immediate mother figure coming from her and how she believes that Charlie and Max can truly have a relationship with each other.

Rahim Khan – The Kite Runner
Zekeria Ebrahimi as young Amir and Shaun Toub as Rahim Kahn
     A soft-spoken man whose words are powerful enough to change two lives. Rahim is the business partner to Amir's father as well as a close friend. What closeness Amir lacks with his father he has in Rahim. "There is a way to be good again," says a man who has harbored many secrets over the years and knows that only Amir cam make right what was wrong when he was a child. Rahim is deep in his convictions and morals as well as a constant guide to the two lost children of the story. A wonderful surrogate father figure in a story where father's are imperfect and make mistakes.

Kitty Brydon – The Jungle Book
Lena Headey as Kitty Brydon and Jason Scott Lee as Mowgli
     A beautiful and energetic young woman who has no problem defying the social norm in Edwardian India. After she finds her old childhood friend Mowgli who is unable to talk or understand human interaction, Kitty takes upon herself to bring him back to the world of humans. In return, Mowgli shows her the secret world of the jungle and she begins to slowly see her once restricted world begin to widen around her. An inspiring heroine to admire for her courage to break the rules and courage to to lost hope in life and in love. 

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  1. A Knight's Tale is an insanely funny adventure. Definitely a great character pick, Ivy. :)

    1. Thank you! That's the second time I've used that movie in a movie tag : ) It's just a classic!

  2. Wow! Great list of secondary characters; I've not seen many of these, but now I should!

    I LOVED REAL STEEL tho. LOVED it! Such a good movie! And Bailey was awesome!

    And The King Speech was a great movie!!


    1. Thank you! Like you, I didn't want to to choose the obvious favorite characters, so I though of who were the most relatable characters in stories and it's always the best friend type I usually gravitate toward.

      Real Steal is awesome! I'll watch anything with Hugh Jackman and that movie all around was just fantastic! And I still can't watch The King's Speech without crying...

  3. Nice picks Ivy! Of the ones I've seen, I agree they are very great characters! I like the theme of them too. My favorite of them is probably Lionel Logue. He's so sneaky and cheeky and honest. But I also love everything that Paul Bettany does. :D

    1. Lionel Logue was a great character to watch on screen and he was clearly that wonderful in real life too! You're a Paul Bettany fan too? Awesome!

    2. Ever since I saw him in Master and Commander. :D And that's still my favorite role of his. Have you seen it?

    3. Yes! That's a great movie! The first movie I ever saw him in was A Beautiful Mind, he was fantastic as Charles.


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