Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mary Winchester Explained!

OMG! I just got done watching S4xE3 - "In The Beginning"! 

My sister and I have been waiting to know how Mary Winchester was entangled with Azazel, and I knew that she was the hunter, not John, but I never expected that her whole beautiful life with her husband and her boys came from a making deal with him! All to save John, who ended up doing the same for Dean, and then Dean for Sam...I'm just wow!!!

Mary Campbell Winchester is such a beautiful character and the more she's developed in the show, the more I love her : ) Normally I don't go crazy fan-girl about episodes, but this one was a real shocking explainer.

Oh, I also kind of like the way Castiel has no problem telling Dean off. He did creep me out a bit when Dean woke up at night and saw his silhouette in the kitchen. So far I like Cas. 

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  1. Oh you're on S4 now, huh? *winces* Season 4 is my least favorite season of Supernatural. That one and S9. It just is really dark and kind of sad and .... well... angels. I hate the angels. At first they are okay but they go downhill fast. I liked Cas too in the beginning. (However, you can like Cas all you want. I wont judge. Except maybe a little 8-D )


    When I first watched that episode I looooooooved how John and Mary were. They were so happy in their cute little home and I think this is further proof that John was a good guy and was not abusive to his wife (or his sons) And that he was stubborn and reckless.

    I've never liked Mary as much as John. For some reason she kind of annoyed me. I don't hate her or anything - I like Mary. She's spunky and clever and she's not afraid to speak her mind. She just isn't my favorite. I think it annoys me that she lied to John and everything. But you know, she is Sam and Dean's Mom and she is special so all power to her. Besides, John and Mary's love story breaks my heart.


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