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Hello everyone!

It's been 1 year (March 18th to be exact) since my seemingly ordinary and well planned life took a very unexpected turn. It's been 3 months (December 27th) since the unexpected turn turned is now becoming a walk down the aisle. 3 months since I've gotten engaged! It's been so incredible! Some people say this is a new chapter in my life, but for me this is a whole new book. A book that's been on the wait list for far too long.

Website: Ivy Loves Christian

Since getting engaged the whole month of January was wedding planning mayhem. I already knew what I wanted my colors to be, yellow and white, and the theme is roses. We're getting married at a renovated Victorian home that has become a beautiful party venue. My dress was ordered after looking for 5 minutes on Ebay. Oh, and did I mention that I'm getting married in June!? I seriously can't believe I'm going to be a June bride! My little 7 year old self would never have believed this 🌹

By the end of January, about 85% of the planning was done. To be honest planning the wedding has been relatively stress free because I knew for so long what I wanted, plus my mom and sisters all have wedding planning talent. 
The most important thing Christian and I had to do was look for a home. Now that was stress at its finest. It was not enjoyable at all and we were even scammed out of $600 at one point. However a week after that we managed to find an apartment and in little over 2 weeks were given the keys. I love our new home! It's perfect for us and I'm already looking forward to decorating it, especially since my bridal shower is in a couple of weeks.
Last month Christian and I did an engagement photo session in the place where we had our first date! It was so much fun! Here's a few that we received.

So with all this happiness going on you would think that everything is perfect?

Yeah right.

To make a long story short, I was let go from my job. The same job that Christian and I met at. With all of this newness of getting engaged and starting a new life, I really needed a job especially with monthly rent that has to be paid. The last several weeks at my job were very stressful and anxiety ridden. Actually it's been like this since December. There had been so problems at work, some having to do with my relationship with Christian and others were more personal. For 3 months I tried to make it work. However, my time at my old job was done and in spite of my best efforts, I was let go. To be honest I was relieved. Things at my job were causing severe anxiety.

On a happy note I found a new job the next day! Something totally different, but certainly I'm willing to work hard at. At this point I need a paycheck to help pay for the rent. My career is no longer a priority. My new life with Christian is my sole focus and I know that it's going to be so much more rewarding and fulfilling. Whatever work I do to pay the bills, I know that it's worth it. So if it means having to get up early, learn to drive to new places and put in long hours and physically exhausting labor, I can't complain at all. 

So there's a brief update on my life : ) Unfortunately I've had little time to read or do anything besides work. Hopefully after the wedding and I'm settled into my new home, I'll have more time.

BTW: Heidi over at Along the Brandywine has started up her monthly Inklings posts. These are so much fun to do!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Ivy! I wish you happiness and best of luck with your marriage (congrats!!)—and thanks for the reminder that whatever trials we face, God is always with us.

  2. Aw.... so excited for you, Ivy! Congratulations!


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