Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Period Drama Tag

      Ruth at Amongst Spring Blossoms tagged for The Period Drama Tag; thank you Ruth!!!

1. Which period drama do you like most?
     - Downton Abbey or Call The Midwife or Poldark or Grantchester....pretty much anything British drama related. 

2. Choose four characters from a period drama that you like most.

     Lady Rose MacClare Alderidge, Anna Smith Bates, John Bates and Phyllis Baxter

3. Which period drama have you recently seen that you recommend to other bloggers?
     - Besides Poldark, I don't think I've seen any new period dramas. Yet, I highly recommend Poldark!

4. If you had to choose, which period drama heroine do you like best?

Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre in the 2006 BBC One mini-series
     - Jane Eyre. She was just an extraordinary character who overcame so much adversity in her life and truly deserved her true rewards of love and happiness in the end.

5. And which period drama hero?

     - Sydney Chambers from Grantchester. Just a good, moral man trying to do what is right, get the job done and help those who need it. Even when in compromising situations, Sydney is always consistent with his moral nature.

6. Have you ever seen a movie who was exactly, or mostly, the same as the book?

Pride and Prejudice (1995) from BBC

7. Which movies do you like most, Jane Austens movies(example:Emma), Dickens movies(example:Little Dorrit) or the movies from the Brontë sisters(example:Jane Eyre)?
     - A mix of all. Austen's stories all have satirical undertones of the culture and lifestyle of her times, Dickens exposed the dark and criminal side of London, England and the Brontë sisters used their own life experiences for their stories.

8. Would you rather play Emma in Emma, Lizzy in Pride and Prejudice, Catherine in Northanger Abbey, Mary in Downton Abbey, Marian in Robin Hood, Amy in Little Dorrit, or Jane in Jane Eyre?

     - Marian, definitely!

9. Would you rather have Call the Midwife or Cranford?

     - Call The Midwife!

10. Which period drama that you haven't seen yet would you like to see?

      - BBC The Musketeers 

11. Which adaption of Sense and Sensibility do you like most: 1995 or 2008?
     - SO NOT A FAIR QUESTION!!! I love them both!

12. And which adaption of Pride and Prejudice do you like most: 1995 or 2005?
     - 1995, by far

13. Which couple from a period drama movie do you like most?

     - Ross and Demelza Poldark from BBC's Poldark


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