Friday, September 2, 2016

Writer's Camp: Day Eight - Happily Ever After

      Now I get to write about my favorite endings in books/movies! I think everyone enjoys happy endings, but oftentimes, that's not real life. The level just under 'happily ever after' is what I call 'hopeful endings.' Everything hasn't gone the way we want to and not all the loose ends are tied up and we are left with more questions than answers, but in the end there is still hope for something infinitely better. 

      Being a movie reviewer, I'll just give a list of my favorite 'happy ending movies' and a list of my 'hopeful ending' movies.

     Happy Endings: 

     North & South 

     Ever After (of course!)

     Amazing Grace


     Dirty Dancing

     Hopeful Endings:

     Becoming Jane

     Dracula Untold

     The Help

      As for books, my absolute favorite happy ending is really A Series of Unfortunate Events! This book series about the misfortune Baudelaire orphans is one zany adventure after another. Just when you think things can't get any worse...they get 10x worse. Lemony Snicket is such an enviable author with his ability to take the mundane and make it hysterical. By the time you get to the last book, you are just craving for these kids to get away from their evil caretaker and find some peace and thankfully they do. Maybe not in the mos orthodox of ways, but in a way only Lemony Snicket could write. 

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