Friday, July 29, 2016

A Downton Abbey Tag

Ruth from Amongst Spring Blossoms has tagged me for her Downton Abbey Tag!
Thank you so much!


Past the button.
Answer the questions.
If you want you can tag someone else too.

1. Who is your favourite couple from Downton Abbey?
     -Matthew and Lady Mary Crawley

2. Do you know without looking it up who is the director of this series?
     -Julian Fellows

3. Who is your favourite character?
     -That's hard! It's a tie between Matthew Crawley and Tom Branson.

4. Which is your less favourite character?
     -Sarah O'Brian. I HATED her!

5. What is your favourite Dowager Countess quote?
     - "I am a woman Mary, I can be as contrary as I please."

6. Which of the children do you like most?
     -Sybbie Branson.

7. When did you feel sadder, when Sybil died or Matthew?
     -Really, when Matthew died. Sybil's story was somewhat over, but Matthew had so much more to do with his life.

8. Which character would you want to be in more?
     -Charles Blake. I loved him and he was a good match for Mary too.

9. Which character would you rather do not have in this series?
     - Lady Susan MacClare, Rose's mother, she was terrible.

10. What was the nicest moment in Downton Abbey?
     -Edith's well deserved happy ending!

Tag is open for anyone who wants to do it! 



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