Sunday, May 1, 2016

Civil War: Blog Catastro-Party 

     In honor of Captain America: Civil War (that's coming out in five days), Bella Delallo is hosting a blog party from May 10-17. So that's plenty of time to pick sides and do the tags as well as decide on what your blog posts on each separate day is going to be about. 

Blog Party Rules:

You must link back to me! No exceptions!

You must tell me when you post so I can read your Civil War Wonders!!! (pretty please??)

You should follow me! (Pretty please with ice cream on top???)

You shouldn't be mean to people who are on the opposite team! 

No being mean! There's nothing wrong with a little friendly banter and what not, but No. Being. Mean!!!!! Meanness is not allowed!

You must absolutely must choose a side! *gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp* You don't have to feel guilty about this. This isn't about who you like better, (though that can obviously come into the equation.) This is just about who you would most likely join because you agree with them.

You have to have fun! Have lots of fun!


Day One: PICK A SIDE! Tell your reasons for the descision!!!! What you love about him, what you don't... All that jazz.

Day Two: The Tag! (See below)

Day Three: Pick One supporting character from your team and talk about him.

Day Four: Pick a character from the opposite team that you like. Talk about him and/or defend him.

Day Five: FREE DAY! Do anything Civil-War like that you want!

Day Six: Fan festivities! Post fanart, make a fan-video, wear fangirly clothes and post pictures, do fan crafts. Do something fun!

Day Seven: Talk about your generals feels and overall opinion of the movie!

The Tag!!!!!! (From Day Two)

Team Iron Man -

1. What is your favorite Iron Man movie?
2. When did you decide you loved Iron Man?
3. Do you tend to agree with Iron Man's thinking/logic?
4.) What is one thing about Tony that drives you insane?
5.) Do you think you'd like Tony In real life?
6.) Do you think you'd get along with Pepper Pots? What about Rhodey?
7.) Would you like to live in Stark Tower?
8.) Would you want to try out/own any of Iron Man's robots or fancy little gadgets?
9.) What is your favorite Iron Man quote?
10.) If Tony as he is now volunteered to take you to dinner and a movie, would you accept his invitation? Not a date, just a night out cause he knows you are soooooo stressed.

Team Captain America:

1.) What is your favorite Captain America movie?
2.) When did you decide you loved Captain America?
3.) Do you tend to agree with Steve's thinking/logic?
4.) What is one thing about Steve that drives you insane?
6.) What is something about Steve that you really admire?
7.) Do you think you would like Steve in real life?
8.) What do you think of Steve's motorcycle, and would you want a ride on it?
9.) What was an iconic "STEVE FREAKIN' ROGERS" moment for you?
10.) If Steve asked you on a date, would you accept?


  1. Hey Ivy, I nominated you for the Liebster award:


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