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Civil War Blog Catastro-party: Day One - Pick A Side

Day One - Pick a Side

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers//Captain America
     I am most definitely and assuredly Team Cap! Actually, for the longest time Tony Stark was my favorite avenger, but after seeing Captain America: The Winter Solider, my mind was made up and Steve Rogers//Captain America became my favorite. So, why the decision from Tony to Steve? I'm not really sure to be honest, but it would probably have to boil down to Steve's general belief that humanity can win and that good will overcome evil. Also, I loved Steve's story about how the ordinary little guy became an extraordinary hero. That he was Captain America long before he took the super-syrum. 

     Everything that Steve Rogers is as a regular 27-28 year old man is made manifest as the immortal Captain America. Steve Rogers didn't became a hero when he became Captain America, he became Captain America because he was already a hero. That little guy in the movie theater that stood up to the bully and took a rough beating was just as much of a hero than the man in uniform that took down Red Skull. There's no difference. They're exactly the same because the heart of the man remained the same. 

Chris Evans of Steve Rogers//Captain America in The Avengers (2012)
     Another factor is that Steve was heavily influenced by his parents who must have been great people. He never knew his dad, but grew up with stories about him and how he was a casualty in WWI. His mother was a nurse who sacrificed her health and her life working in the TB (tuberculosis) ward. Loss at that young could have made Steve angry and rebellious, but he continued to carry on his parents legacy of dignity and honor. Without those legacies, Steve would really have no reason to sign up for war. He would have given in to people's beliefs about him and stayed home. 

     Steve's role as a leader also defines him in many ways. He doesn't push people, but he does demand that they do their absolute best with what they have. Steve spent most of his life being judged by people and that has caused him to carry a very non-judgmental attitude in how he lives and works. As a captain during one of the bloodiest wars in American history, Steve has seen the destruction that man is able to make, but he has also witnessed the great power of humanity and how it is able to stop the most destructive of forces.  

       People say he's too perfect, but Captain America or not, Steve is just as flawed as everyone else. He has a beastly temper, has a difficult time taking no for an answer and tends to think that he's the only one that can break the rules. I would find it hard to live with the man at first. However, Steve's good and humane nature is no different from other peoples; he just has the capabilities to do something with the good he believes in at a more advanced level.

     He's the ultimate American hero since WWII (preceded by Superman almost 20 years before) and Captain America has proven to be more than a super soldier with shield. The real Captain America was the scrawny kid that never ran away from a fight, the young agent who dreams of a ordinary life with a wife and kids, the friend that believes that he can save his once fallen comrade. Captain America's story is as universal as Cinderella; a man who believed in something and would go through hell and back to protect it. 


  1. I love Captain America... Honestly I'm more likely to agree with his world view and morals then Tony's.Tony has good intentions but they usually blow up in his face. However... well, when you read my post you'll hear my final decision! 8-)

  2. I love Cap, but I tend to say Im Team Iron Man. mostly because I know if I was in that position, I would be on Iron Mans team, despite the fact hes wrong. I relate to Tony waaaaay more than I do Cap. but my favorite thing about Steve is his fierce love for Bucky. because really, Im Team Bucky all the way. lol. Bucky is my favorite character. I JUST REALLY LOVE BUCKY BARNES


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