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Royal Families: Princess Caroline & Stefano Casiraghi

Left: Stefano and Caroline on their wedding day in 1983
Right: Stefano and Caroline shortly before Stefano's death
     Considered one of the most beautiful and yet, tragic love stories in royal history. Princess Caroline of Monaco had already dealt with her fair share of tragedy, first with the ending of her marriage to playboy Philippe Junot in 1980, followed by her mother's death in 1982. The she is introduced to handsome Italian socialite and businessman, Stefano Casiraghi in 1983 and the clouds begin to lift.

     Although 3 years younger than her, Stefano was a perfect match for Caroline. She was reserved and by the book, but he enjoyed life to the fullest. However, he was also a private person and protective of Caroline as well. In December of 1983 (and Caroline 3 months pregnant with their first child), Stefano Casiraghi and Princess Caroline Grimaldi were wed in a civil ceremony. 

   Caroline's father, Prince Rainer, and the rest of Monaco were suspicious of Stefano joining the family. He was too young, too inexperienced, and wouldn't be able to handle the pressures of royal life. Stefano proved everyone wrong and in a matter of a couple of years, he not only won over his father-in-law, but the whole principality. He was charming, generous, and a brilliant businessman. He stayed out of the media and spotlight, was very supportive of his young wife.

    Pretty soon, the young couple had their hands full with three children born in rapid succession. Andrea in 1984, Charlotte in 1986 and Pierre in 1987. The three new royals were a breath of fresh air for the royal family that only seemed to produce scandal. The paparazzi never missed an opportunity to capture the family on their outings, and their was an element of real and genuine happiness for Princess Caroline. Look at any pictures of Caroline and Stefano during their marriage and it doesn't take a genius to see the love they had for each other or for their children. 

     Sadly, the fairytale ended in 1990 when Stefano was killed in a speeding boat accident. Caroline was now left to care for her three small children alone. She went through intense grieving for almost ten years, hiding herself away from the public and never letting her children too far from her sight.
      Although they were only married for seven years, Princess Caroline and Stefano Casiraghi gave the world a real life marriage that was built of mutual trust, friendship and love. She was a princess, he was a businessman; it may not have made sense at first, but it was right to them from the beginning. And many believe that Caroline (although she remarried and had another child) will always consider Stefano her one true love.

Stefano and his children
     Stefano adored his children and it's clear as day in the many pictures that were taken. Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre are now grown with families of their own. They are commonly known as the Casiraghi Trio and have managed to avoid the scandals and tabloids of royal life, due to their mother's tireless work to keep the paparazzi away. 

Princess Caroline's Interview with Barbara Walter (1985)
Part 1

Part 2

      Princess Caroline rarely gives interviews, but she allowed Barbara Walters a private interview in 1985. She's so beautiful : )

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