Sunday, January 3, 2016

Little Things #6

1.) Clear skin: Thanks to my mother's facial cleansing oil, my skin looks amazing!

2.) I'm a Slytherin: Through and through and so proud.

3.) The Originals: This family! I love them...and hate them...but mostly, love them!

4.) When a baby holds your finger: Such a feeling of strength, but gentleness mixed together.

5.) Finally coming up with a user name that isn't already taken: I never realized how creative people can be.

6.) I procrastinate way too much: 'A true leader of tomorrow.'


  1. OH. I agree about when babies hold your finger. How you described it was spot-on!

    Haha, the username thing. Yep, pretty much ;)

    1. Thank you : ) I just love babies in general.

  2. GO SLYTHERIN!!!! Nice to meet a fellow Slytherin. *tips hat*


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