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Cinderella Week: Day One ~ Rules and Tag 

Yahh! It's finally here!


#1: How it works

To participate, you can join in by reviewing one or more Cinderella titles (found here) on your own blog AND/OR filling out the tag questions found below. (Really, that's all there is to it! ;))

Important: when you complete any posts (reviews, your tag answers, etc.), paste your direct post links back here in a comment on this kick-off post as I'll be posting a grand link-up at the end of the week.

#2: Giveaways from Heidi and Hamlette

Heidi's prizes are listed in her kick-off post (click the banner on top) and Hamlette is giving away beautiful prizes at her site


 I reviewed the Cinderella movie from last year


Read it here


Cinderella Party Tag:

1. In the vast array of fairytale heroines, what particular character qualities most define Cinderella?

     - Always her strength and courage to do what is right especially in the face of adversity. Strength, courage and kindness are repetitive themes in every Cinderella film that has been made and these qualities can oftentimes be severely overlooked in the grandness of the magic of the original story.

2. What are some of the deeper, big picture differences you see between retellings where both stepsisters are nasty and others where one is nasty and one is kind? How do you think the two takes differently develop/illuminate/affect Cinderella’s character and also the overarching story itself?

     - It's good and interesting to have different takes on the stepsisters so as to avoid stereotyping and making a dull and mundane story. In some tellings both sisters are beautiful, in others they are ugly, but in every case there has always been at least one nasty stepsister (a consistent character type in Grimm's fairytales), because our heroine needs that opposite ugly nature to illuminate her beautiful nature and to inform the readers that a good heart is far more valuable than a pretty face.

3. Are you an animal lover? Would you eagerly count mice, lizards, cows, and geese as friends? Dogs and cats?

     - I like animals, but I not a huge lover. However, if I was stuck in a house with a wicked stepmother and two stepsisters, having some animals around may be the only reasons to stay sane.

4. After asking question #3, I realized how remarkably many of the adaptations I’ve seen have Cinderella either horseback riding or involved with horses. Have you ever ridden? If so, have you ever ridden sidesaddle or bareback?

     -I've only ridden once for about 15 min., but it was bareback and so much fun!

5. Your favorite Cinderella dress/s?

6. Do you ever think of Cinderella while doing your household chores? :)

     - Only when I'm scrubbing the floors

7. What major character traits do you think are essential in a faithful prince?

      - Honesty, bravery and morals

8. Your top THREE favorite fairy tales (as in the original folk tales, not adaptations). 

     - Beauty and The Beast, Toads and Diamonds, Marushka and the 12 months - A Slavic Cinderella Story. Click to read the original versions.

9. Your top FIVE current favorite fairy tale/legend type films (BESIDES any Cinderella adaptations).

 - Disney's Beauty and The Beast, Maleficent, The Swan Princess, The Princess and The Goblin and Disney's The Little Mermaid.  

 10. If you could play Cinderella and the story could be set in any region of the world and any time period, what would you pick? And what would your dream ‘ball gown’ for it be like?

     - The American West (Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, etc.) in the 1950s on a cattle ranch. 

11. And (purely for fun :))… what color/s do you immediately associate with Cinderella?

      - White, yellow/gold and every shade of blue! (With no small amount of glitter and bling!) 


  1. Lovely answers! Wow, that's a beautiful ball gown that you picked. And 1950s Texas sounds like fun! I never thought of that :-)

    1. Thank you! The questions were great and well thought out. I love that gown! I just went to Google and typed in 1950s ballgown and that was one of their top pictures. It has a very fairytale look to it : )

      I know 1950s Texas isn't the most ideal of Cinderella settings, but movies such as Ever After prove that Cinderella is a universal story that can be told at any time and in any place.

  2. Really well-thought-out answers, Ivy! The '15 wedding dress is my faaaaaavorite :D And THE SWAN PRINCESS! That movie is basically my childhood, and I'm really re-obsessed with it at the moment. Love your answer to #10!

    1. The Swan Princess was one of absolute favorite movies growing up! Proof that Disney isn't the only company that can make a successful fairy tale movie.

  3. Beautiful answers!!

    I agree on #1.

    And #2: "...our heroine needs that opposite ugly nature to illuminate her beautiful nature and to inform the readers that a good heart is far more valuable than a pretty face." Excellently put! I think that's one of the reasons I like Cinderella so much. That message comes across SO clearly (i.e. both her inner and outer beauty) yet it does it without being "preachy" -- adding incredible depth to the story, if that makes sense. ;)

    #8: "Marushka and the 12 months - A Slavic Cinderella Story." I LOVE a lot of Eastern European fairy tales, so I'm so going to need to check that one out. :)

    #10: Ohh, a 1950's cattle ranch!! (And I like how the coloring and the buttons on the front of that gown give a kind of 'vintage-y' vibe... So interesting and striking!! :))

  4. P.S. Forgot! I was going to ask about your header. :) I love that quote from Audrey Hepburn and do you know where the James Dean one is from?

    1. Thank you : ) I really had to think on questions 1 and 2 and they were great questions. My family had a book filled with traditional fairy tales from all over the world and "Marushka and the 12 Months" was one of my favorite childhood fairy tales growing up. I was happy I was able to find the original story for others to read.

      As for the header, James Dean said a lot of thought provoking quotes, but I'm not really sure where the quote came from whether it was a movie or an interview, but I thought it was beautiful when I first saw it and somewhat prophetically eery given his young death and becoming a living legend.

  5. Great answers! And I love the idea of Cinderella set in the 1950s on a cattle ranch! So original. :D

    1. By the way, I love your header! Aubrey Hepburn and James Dean? So awesome.

    2. Cinderella can be anyone, in any place and at anytime, so why not put her on a cattle ranch way out west : )

      Thank you! The header took me forever to make, but I'm pleased with the outcome.

  6. I decided to join in on the festivities over on my blog! Lovely post!


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