Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Shot Through The Heart...by Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Oliver Queen and Clark Kent
      Ok, so cheesy title, but it's a very fitting one too. While my family and I continue our obsession with Smallville, we've met a new character and superhero who may just take Clark's place in my heart...(and that's saying something, because I LOVE Clark). So as you can tell by my fall layout, it's in honor of my new favorite superhero, Oliver Queen, otherwise known as, The Green Arrow. 

Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in
     Now, normally I don't for the blonde, slender, pretty boy types and I was prepared to like him, but not get crazy over him. However, Oliver's generosity, bravery, and honor that can match Clark's to perfection completely won me over! Similar to Batman, Oliver is a billionaire orphan who spends his days hobnobbing with the wealthy and nights defending the poor common man. He was patterned to be DC's version of Robin Hood who wears all green, has an arsenal of arrows, and protects the destitute from the higher ups in society.

     What makes Oliver different from Clark (and most other superheros) is that he is more focused on fighting the villainous social system than just fighting out-of-earth villains. Oliver fights poverty, racism, prostitution, AIDs, drug abuse, and social injustice. Also, unlike Batman, Oliver has a pacifist attitude and will not kill his enemies. Oliver is also one of a handful of people who is not afraid to challenge the all powerful Luthors, especially since he and Lex went to the same school together as boys. Now it's made clear early on that Oliver is no saint and he regrets many mistakes he made in the past, most especially one during his time at school that involved Lex. Where Lex can never forgive or forget, Oliver has the courage to move on and see life outside his office window.

     Green Arrow has been one of DC's most famous and well loved superheros for over 70 years and his presence on Smallville is much needed for a counterpart for Clark Kent. While Clark still constantly worries over his abilities being discovered, Oliver tells him bluntly to get off his ass and use his powers for the world outside of Smallville. That there are people that need to be protected, that it's more than just aliens and kryptonite, but rather poverty, crime wars, and social infliction. And really, that's something that Clark needs to hear. 

     This documentary was on Season 6 and was a great watch for the creation and legend of Green Arrow.

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  1. I haven't seen Smallville. I almost did because Dean Winchester is in it but then I found out something and ... yeah. I decided I could live without it 8-) I have seen "Arrow" though, with Stephen Amell and I really like that one. Btw, how are you??? I feel bad, I've been a terrible blogger lately and haven't commented anyway in a long time. School 8-P


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