Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Knight In The Family

      Everyone loves learning about their family history, my family's history is especially interesting, mostly to the fact that we had a knight in our family, Ritter Baldebert von Wolfensberger. My dad's side of the family originated from Wolfensberg, Switzerland which was a French canton and they could have claimed that area had it not been taken back by France. 

Family memorial

Lord Ritter
Lady Katrina
     Not much is known about Ritter von Wolfensberger. He was born in 1233 and died in 1259 at a very young age of 26 while outside of Switzerland during the 3rd crusade. Less is even known about his family before and after him. He was married to Lady Katherine/Katrina and had at least two children, possibly three. There really is no other information about Ritter, Katrina, or their family. All I know that my family are intrigued by the idea that we had a knight in the Middle Ages! And what information I d have could possibly make for a very good novel....maybe??

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  1. oooh that is really interesting! though I will say it was a little odd to see scroll down and see Dean Winchester in armor. I was like... "wait. What?" lol. GIF FOR EVERYTHING!


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