Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Am a Free Woman!

     And school hasn't even been let out yet!

     OK, here's what really happened. I got into some trouble with the law about a month ago when I ran a red stop sign. The cop (who was really nice; a rarity for Suffolk law enforcement) was going to let me off with a warning, but after she did my license check, she asked if I knew that I had been driving with a suspended license. 

     So, as you can imagine my reaction was similar to this:

     Of course I didn't know I was driving with a suspended license! What person does that?? Well, a lot of people do obviously. So,  my suspended license was taken and I was unable to drive for almost a month. We found out that my license had been suspended because I had turned in medical report pass the deadline, so I was taken out of the system.

Note: The medical report is issued to me every year by the DMV due to my epilepsy. It's a form that I fill out as well as my neurologist saying that I have been seizure free all year and I'm safe and healthy to drive.

    Once we found out that my license suspension was medical related, I scheduled an emergency medical exam with my neurologist and the earliest date he could see me was four weeks away. So, now my family had to drive me to and from school, I couldn't work, I couldn't go out when I wanted to, it felt like I had just had my whole independence taken from me. On top of that, I had to go to court for running the stop sign as well as the license suspension. 

     Finally the medical exam came, my doctor checked me, wrote out my clean bill of health, and I sent it off that very afternoon. A few days later we called DMV and they had received and reviewed my report, and re-registered me back into the system! I was a licensed driver again! I just didn't have a license, so my dad was able to print of a temporary one for me to use. 

     Today, I went into court and was completely dreading it. If you have never been in a court room, consider yourself fortunate. I was in there a few years ago and it took all day for the judge to see me. Fate smiled kindly on me and I was the second person to be seen. I had told the judge that I had received my license and plead guilty to the charges. Because of gaining my license back in time, my clean driving record, and honesty, the judge just let me off with a warning!! That was it! No fines, nothing!!!

So now my reaction was like this:

     So needless to say, it has been a good day. So good that I made a new banner for my site! First collage banner I've ever made! And I rather like it too : )


  1. Haha! What a awesome day for you! Glad you got your license back! :)

  2. You forgot to mention your loving sister who came out to get you after you'd been pulled and saved you from the cold and wind, not to mention the shady section of town you were in.


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