Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beautiful Blog Award

Beautiful Blog Award

    My sister at The Far Side of Forever nominated me for The Beautiful Blog Award! 

1.) What was your most memorable gift?

     Are you trying to get me to say that amazing vintage Elsie Dinsmore book series you got me?? Well, that would be one of them as well as the vintage Edwardian post cards Celeste gave me.

2.) If you could meet one famous author, who would it be?

     J.K. Rowling

3.) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


4.) What is one holiday tradition that is unique to your family?

     This family has never stuck with tradition for more than five years.

5.) How do you drink your coffee or tea?


6.) If you could witness any historical event, what would it be?

    Jesus' Birth

7.) What is your ideal way to spend a free afternoon?

     Watching romantic comedies.

My nominees are:

My Questions:

1.) If you were on an abandoned island what would be the two things you would bring?

2.) Why do you think you deserve this award?

3.) Do you like pizza? If so what kind of pizza?

4.) What is your drink of choice?

5.) What is your favorite animal?

6.) Do you like British television?

7.) What was the last good Disney movie you saw?

(Thanks to Samara and Heather for the questions)

1 comment:

  1. Another tag... Lol. You never get one, you get them all :)

    OOH! I love chocolate. Its so yummy and delicious!!


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