Friday, September 6, 2013

In Less Than 24 Hours...

     I will be at the Cinemark 18...

Chaperoning my younger sister and her friends...

And watching this for 2 hours...

One Direction: This Is Us

Let's face it, I did promise I would take her

and it could be worse

Like maybe Taylor Swift... 

but fortunately, my sister hates Taylor Swift as much as I do.

So, I could be staying at home tomorrow

doing homework

or more like watching LOST and drooling over Sayid 

for hours on end.

Instead I'm going to a movie about a British boy band

that were originally five unknown boys from obscure/humble beginnings

and watching their rise to fame (hopefully I won't see too much of Simon Cowell)

And I'll be able to hear their fun music and listen to their stories.

I don't think that'll be too much of a waste of my time.

Like I said, it could be worse...

Like Taylor Swift worse...

~ ~ ~

     Ok, I'll be honest I really do like these guys. They're the farthest things away from sweetness and innocence, but that's probably why I like them, nonconformity at its finest. I have one whole album (Take Me Home) as well as several other songs by them. They're British...and yeah they're all younger than me...but they're still that's probably the biggest appeal right there.

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  1. You're a Lostie? Me too! Only I drool over Sawyer. Have you seen the whole series yet?

    I hope you survived the concert/movie/thing.


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