Friday, September 27, 2013

Eloi - from "The Time Machine (2002)"


from "The Time Machine" (2002)


Em mar'jen'wel el tor'kan.

Tan dern'em tan'som tor'cal.

Em orn'bren fur tas'mor.

Mar nos den bren'tas col.

Em mar'jen'wel em'tas tan'col,

Tan dern'em tor'mar em quin'tan.

En orn'bren tan'el lon el,

Mar nos den nove'tan'quin.


I dream of days without an end

And long for sleep without the fear.

I hope to walk through the night

And know this will come true.

I dream of life lived long and full,

And long to see my children grow.

I hope for better days to come,

And know they will come soon.

~ ~ ~

I love this song! 

Even though the song itself is completely different from the actual context of the Eloi people from the book, it still has a beautiful message. I'm not sure what the traditional language is, some people say it's an archaic language of sorts, but either way it made for a beautiful song.

~ ~ ~

In H.G. Wells novel "The Time Machine" Eloi, in its most basic term, is a people group that has become lazy and narcissistic, caring nothing for anyone or anything but themselves. In the movie, which is very different from the book, the Eloi are a hardworking tribal people who are trying to hold onto a sense of civilization, especially when under constant threat of the morlocks. 

Oh yeah, and the movie is really good too! I haven't seen it in a while, but it's great action/sci-fi watch.!



  2. wow, I've never heard that song before - it was nice :) the lyrics are really pretty!

    where are you on Merlin?


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