Friday, June 28, 2013

Bridal Blog Party ~ Day One


1. What season do you picture your wedding day in?

     I've always wanted to get married in June ever since I saw Seven Brides For Seven Brothers when I was a little girl. Sometimes I still sing "June Bride" all over the house. And if not in June than definitely in December, I love the idea of being a Christmas Bride! Snow would be a lovely touch, but it rarely snows here in Virginia, but it is still very beautiful in the wintertime. 

2. Are you picturing a traditional church & reception hall, outdoor, or a ritzy hotel venue?

     And I am definitely a more traditional person. I would love to have a simple wedding in my church with a small reception afterwards, but I also love the idea of having the reception at a great hotel. There is such a romantic notion to it...but the nicest hotel we have here is the Hilton Garden which overlooks downton Suffolk and the surrounding buildings such as McDonalds and Wal-Mart.

3. Pick three words to describe your wedding style.

   Simple, elegant, and classy

4. Music & dancing? Classical, country, swing, English period?
     As for music and dancing...I don't really dance, so I'll let the groom decide what music to have : )

5. Your wedding colors!

Gold and white! They're neutral colors and so I can used anytime of the year.

Great for a June Bride or a Christmas Bride.

6. What type of gown do you envision yourself wearing?

It changes on and off, but this is what I have always wanted

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