Friday, June 28, 2013

Bloglovin x2

     So...I posted a couple of months ago that I switching to Bloglovin because like the zombie apocolypse, everyone was going crazy at the idea that Google Friend Reader was being cancelled//retired. Then it never happened, so I didn't really care afterwards.

    Now, I guess that it's finally a legitimate decision and GFR is saying goodbye. Thankfully, all of the blogs that I follow were switched over from Blogger to Blogluvin and I even got this cute Eiffel Tower gif. So, if you have switched to Bloglovin feel free to follow : ) I love followers!


  1. wait... what's happening? And who are the people in the your new blog gifs?

  2. I'm actually looking forward to being on Bloglovin'! And I've come to express my own thanks to you for following me, as you thanked me on my own blog :) It'll be good to keep up with your blog this way!


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