Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stream of Consciousness Sunday #1

I discovered this over NoteBookSisters and found it really interesting.'s my first attempt : ) Click on the link below to learn more about it.

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So my first week of college started this week and I am completely worn out. Well not really, more stressed than anything. I've never experienced classroom life before and it was all a very scary and new experience for me.

The strangest thing was actually going shopping for school supplies! Like shopping for notebooks and pencils and I even bought a backpack! It's new, but very fun too.

My classes are interesting. I'm only taking two right now. English and Math. English is fairly easy, but math, like always, has been difficult. All my work is done on the computer. So I thought I had all this crazy amount of homework to do and I was getting super stressed and everything, worried that I wasn't going to get it all done.

Then I called my teacher about it and she told me that I had gone far ahead of everyone else! Like four or five classes ahead of everyone else! So, as you can imagine, the stress level went from 100 to about 75. Utter relief has never felt so good.

Stop 5 min.

I hope that was good for my first time : )


  1. I felt really weird shopping for school supplies for the first time, too. It would have been in the middle of term, so the check-out lady must have thought I was pretty weird, but hey.

    Ah, great feeling about being ahead. I too struggle in maths, but when it comes to English... I'm two grades ahead.

    Thanks for doing our link up! We're so happy about the way it's all taking off! :)

  2. Haha! I love it how you said your "stress level went down from 100 to about 75". Hilarious! Mine would have dropped to like, 6...but hay! I'm easy to please. ;) Wow, so all very exciting being in college eh? Maths isn't my cup of tea either. But English is a lot of fun!

    Oh, and don't forget to sign your post into the linky on our blog so others can read your post!

  3. I thinks we can shake hands in the stressed part. I'm so freaked out of my senior year. Though the odds of me failing are... rather slim, given the history of my family.
    Shopping for school supplies. Yes, been there. I bought way to much and the check-out lady was rather impressed by the amounts of notebooks I was going to engorge :)
    And math... I think everyone has some kind of love-hate relationship with it. As soon as you get it, you're so happy. And the next thing you know, you're not and nothing is stopping you from trying to get away from the whole thing.
    But good luck with going to college! And keep your head up! ;)


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