Monday, June 12, 2017

Wonder Woman (2017)

     This movie...Oh God! Where do I begin!!! It went beyond the pun of wonderful and was just extraordinarily beautiful in every single way! From the storyline, the actors, the costumes, the music...just everything you want in a good superhero film! However, the best aspect of the film was Wonder Woman herself who was tough and brave, while remaining compassionate and generous without a breath of modern feminist ideals to darken such a inspiring story. 

     All her life, Princess Diana has been the jewel of the female dominated Amazonian island, Themyscira. Her loving mother Queen Hippolyta, a fierce warrior and just ruler, tries to shield her daughter from the difficulties of warfare, but Diana is insistent that she be an Amazonian warrior like the rest of the women. 

     Hippolyta tells Diana of the island's history starting with the Zeus' creation of mankind in his own image, the betrayal of his son, Ares, who turned men's hearts away from goodness, and how the Amazonians were brought to earth to protect humanity. When Zeus banished Ares from earth, he sent the Amazonian women to the magical island of Themyscira where they have lived for centuries, hidden from the rest of the world and protectors of the great weapon, the God Slayer. 

     Over the years, Diana trains endlessly and becomes a formidable warrior with unusual powers that cannot be explained. One day, a strange flying machine lands into the water and Diana rescues it's handsome pilot, Steve Trevor. The stranger tells the woman of Themyscira that the rest of the world is at war on every single side and that he himself is a spy who must return back home in order to stop an enemy attack that could wipe out thousands. Diana becomes intrigued by Steve and his story and follows him back to 'his hideous world' known as London, believing that Ares is behind this war and feels that it's her duty to protect the world as an Amazonian and defeat Ares in the process.

     Princess Diana becomes Diana Prince and soon helps Steve and his ragtag group of followers to track down the mad German General Ludendorf and his psychotic chemist Isabel Maru or Doctor Poison from creating a deadly gas that they hope to use as weapon of human annihilation. War is difficult for Diana to understand and she faces both victory and defeat in the process of hunting down Ares. Soon, she is faced with her ultimate enemy, but in order to bring peace, sacrifices of both heart and soul must be made to ensure a world without fear. 

     Gal Gadot was hands-down the ultimate prize of this film! She portrayed a Wonder Woman that's a hero our world (and especially women) need at the moment. While Diana is a powerful warrior, she also exhibits great kindness, generosity and compassion that is simply her nature. She is fascinated with humans and feels that it is her duty as an Amazonian to protect them. Her relationship with the men in the story is nothing short of endearing and charming; for a woman who grew up around other women, Diana shows great respect and humility toward male authority and companionship as well as an understanding heart. There was not a single moment of anti-patriarchal mongering in the story and any thought of third-wave feminism is utterly non-existent. 

     Chris Pine was his typical swoon-worthy hero character that makes me love him all over again! Steve Trevor is a loyal American patriot that puts him right next to Steve Rogers. Ambitious and ever hopeful, Steve will not compromise with evil and becomes a wise mentor to Diana. While he and Diana may disagree from time to time, Steve begins to accept her way of getting the job done and is willing to stay in the background and allow her to take the well deserved glory. He and his friends are much needed comic relief to the film, while hitting upon the realities and horrors of the first World War. 

     When I left the theater after seeing this film, I was so content with the two hours I spent exploring the origins of Diana Prince and admiring a true heroine that is the embodiment of flawed, but ultimate goodness. I already had a deep respect for Diana after her introduction in Batman v. Superman, but now I want to be her best friend. If you were to only see one movie this summer, than please see this masterpiece. Especially anti-feminists that may be nervous about the female warrior mentality, you will not be dissapointed! We definitely need more Diana Princes' in the world. 

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  1. Great review Ivy! I was so glad they didn't make it super feminist, but a nice classic kind of feminist instead -- where Steve got to be a strong character too, and Diana had a kind and noble personality to go with her super strength! She was perfect. :D


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