Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hollywood Whoredom

Note: This is something that has been bothering me for two months and I've wanted to write about it. The fact that it's been posted the day after the election is purely coincidental and has no bearing on my personal, political beliefs. The words I had been wanting to write for weeks finally came to me last night. My problem with this issue is not with liberals in general, but  rather the Hollywood elite that just happens to be made up of liberals. 

     Ok, many of you who read this may not understand the video, the people in it or what’s being done, but the abortion comment, made by actor Rob Lowe is the reason behind this said rant. (If you don't want to watch the whole video go to 1:26 to hear Lowe's comment).

    First off, Ann Coulter is a heavily conservative author who is well known for her biting, off handed, hateful and sometimes downright cruel comments towards liberals. So, you can imagine she is not well liked in the liberal community.

    The event is a popular Hollywood event on Comedy Central called ‘The Comedy Central Roast’ where a celebrity is chosen to allow him/herself to be made fun of by friends and peers in front of a live audience. This year it was former Brat Packer, Rob Lowe, as the honoree. However, it's not just the honoree that gets the roasting, the roasters all take a jab at one another. In all essence a lot of what was said among all of them was hysterical and I loved a great deal of it, but when it came to Ann Coulter, they were downright slanderous as you can tell from the video.

     I actually didn't watch the program, but I read about it in the numerous articles that were published afterwards. And I was really shocked and almost sickened at the fact that these people were even allowed to get away with some of things that they were saying to Coulter (and that video is the edited version; some of the worse stuff was cut out). Ann Coulter's roasting was actually headline news for weeks.

     Now, I don’t agree with Ann Coulter, but seriously, many of them (mostly the men) were completely out of line. There is a fine line between having fun with someone and downright disrespecting them. On top of that, all of these jokes were written out for them and they had the choice to say no, but didn’t. Therefore, it most definitely reinforces their extreme dislike for Coulter. I actually watched Cinderella the next morning to remind me that there is still humanity in the world.

      That being said.....

       Ann Coulter could afford to ten, eleven, twelve steps back and reevaluate her beliefs. She's not the best representative for the Conservative party. She claims to be a Christian as well, but her lack of compassion would suggest otherwise. Yet, this post is not about Ann Coulter.

     It was Rob Lowe’s comment on abortion that really sent me through the roof.

     While the joke might have been for uber-conservative Ann Coulter, anyone who looks her up will realize that she’s not pro-life at all. She believes in abortion in the case of rape, so therefore, she would be riding the liberal, pro-choice side. Basically, that comment went beyond the obvious hatred to Ann Coulter and hit the face of pro-lifers. It ceased to be funny and became a public political statement. And the room full of liberals just cheered for it.

       Say what you want about someone, but leave the politics out of it. Abortion is no joke at all. It's a serious and controversial issue. And to use it as a joke for a liberal Hollywood event was an all-time fail. The writer should have been ashamed of himself. There's freedom of speech yes, but there should also be respect for other people's beliefs. With Ann Coulter supporting abortion in the case of rape, the joke missed the intended mark and humiliated right-to-lifers and their own political stance. 

     Well, if Ann Coulter did one thing she managed to unite misogyny and said-feminism in a liberal dominated night of "Hollywood Whoredom" (Celebrities who do or say anything for money, regardless of what it is or the consequences). I'm not defending Ann Coulter or the awful things that she has said and has continued to say (she's horrifically anti-Semitic. That doesn't win her any love from me), but this event made the liberals of Hollywood, especially (supposed Conservative) Rob Lowe, look like a bunch of rich schoolyard bullies that push people down to get their way.

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