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Writer's Camp: Days Nine, Ten & Eleven

     Days Nine & Ten - I'm suppose to talk about what I'm writing on Day Nine and on Day Ten give a sample of my writing. These two days are pretty simple considering the fact that I'm already writing a blog fiction right now! So, to check out my fiction writing and the latest chapters, you can go here.

     Day Eleven - Would you rather?

From Bella: Today we are going to send one of your characters on an adventure! Take a character from one of your stories and give us a brief summary of who he is. Then answer the questions below. This game will help you think like your character, making choices he would make as apposed to ones you would. It might help you understand and know your character better too. Plus, it's fun. 8-D

Lady Marguerite le Bastone. 13 years old. Lives in Vezelay, France with her mother, sister and stepsister. From "The Phoenix: A Medieval Cinderella Story."

1.) Would You Rather Be Hot or Cold?
     - Well, it's always quite cold here at the estate, so probably hot. The summer days are rather nice.

2.) Would you rather work at night or during the day? 
      - I don't work, exactly. I mean I don't do chores, well a lot of chores. My step-sister, Marcella does all that. I do some sewing and that's normally done during the day.

3.) Someone knocks on your door. What now?
      - I'm not suppose to answer the door. Only my mother and Marcella can answer.

4.) Would you rather go without food or water for a day?
      - I don't think I could go without neither!

5.) Someone tells you your life is a lie. What now?
      - That might be the best news I've ever received!!

6.) Would you rather be settled or have the open road?
     - Oh! I've always wanted to travel! Especially to the Middle East, only not now, during the war.

7.) Would you rather lose sight or hearing? 
      - What type is question is that? Maybe my hearing.

8.)  Would you rather have a dog or cat?
      - A dog! My mother hates animals though.

9.) How do you respond to betrayal, pain, loss?
      - I tend to cry. My older sister, Constance, says that crying is for infants, but I can't help it. Or I talk to my step-sister, Marcella. She's wonderful and she's been through a great deal of loss in her life. I would never betray her, either.

10.) Do you like music?
      - Very much!

11.) Do you like reading?
     - I can't read. I've wanted to learn and Marcella knows how to read, but I feel she's too busy to take time and instruct me. Maybe if I helped more with the chores, we can strike a deal.

12.) Would you rather face a lion or a bear?
      - I don't believe we have lions in France, but I have heard of bears sighted in some of the forests. However, I would probably face a bear. They seem to be more good nature than lions.

13.) What is something that scares you? 
     - Being left alone or Marcella leaving.

14.) Would you rather be in a crowd or alone?
     - I'm usually alone anyways, but I do enjoy socializing with people.

15.) You're family is threatened. What now?
     - Depends on what they're threatened with.

16.) Do you put a lot of importance on family? (Answer honestly.)
     - Yes, well, I use to. We're not really a family anymore. We're just four women living underneath one roof. Marcella is more of a sister and mother to me than my own sister and mother and all of her family is gone.

17.) Do you believe in God/heaven/angels, or something of the like?
     - I know I should, but it can be difficult. God is a very big...deity? And for someone like me, he is very far away.

18.) Would you rather have coffee or tea?
      - What are those? I normally drink water, milk or a little at supper.

19.) Would you rather take a long walk in the forest, or a bike ride down a parkway?
      - I'm not sure I know what a bike is. I like riding my horse. And I do like taking a long walk in the forest, until I soil my dress. So I guess riding my horse would be the better answer.

20.) Do you like snow?
      - Yes! Marcella and I have a great deal enjoyment in the snow!

21.) Do you like rain?
      - At times. It tends to rain here a lot.

22.) What is your favorite thing to do?
      - Sewing and making dresses! There is news of an upcoming ball held given by Lord Arpetian and Mother may let me attend! So, I'm working on a special dress!

23.) Would you rather spend the day indoors or outdoors?
     - Depends on the weather. Preferably outdoors so I'm away from my mother and sister, but when I'm inside, I stay close to Marcella.

24. Do you like summer days?
     - Yes! They are the most wonderful of days!

25.) If there was one person you would drop everything for in their time of need, who would it be?
     - Marcella. She deserves to be happy and I would do anything to make sure she gets the happy life she wants.

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