Thursday, September 8, 2016

Writer's Camp: Days Twelve and Thirteen

     So...I'm a little late with this post, but I'm doing it now. Day Twelve is on "Conquering Writer's Block" and Day Thirteen in "Finding Inspiration," and the two meld quite easily into each other! Writer's block is not fun to deal with at all! You feel like your well of inspiration is completely dried up and you're just waiting for the rains to come again. There is no general way for me to conquer writer's block, but I have three methods that have worked quite well before.

1.) Change the story -- If the story is dry and mundane then change things around. Do the unexpected. Don't just kill someone off though. Send them away and leave the reader guessing and then bring in a new character. Give a backstory on a character or multiple characters and have them all interweave somehow. It's not a crime to change from you're original idea; it's your story!

2.) Read other books -- This isn't plagiarism. You can get a great amount of ideas from reading other people's works. Sometimes a sentence can completely overload with ideas.

3.) Take a break/Work on another project -- Normally I only write one story at a time, but usually I have five or six stories going on in my head. If I've hit writer's block, then going on to another story helps me get fresh and new ideas.

      As for inspiration I find inspiration for stories all around me! Usually, it's from watching movies, listening to music, sleepless nights, driving, taking care of kids, the list is endless. Everyone is different in their writing and how to pursue it and quite frankly, four years in college almost killed my love of writing. I was writing because I had to, not because I wanted to. However, the love is back and I'm enjoying writing my first fiction

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