Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I Most Ardently Love and Admire...

      Remember back in my Granchester review how I said I could go on about how I love James Norton, but it would have to be at another time? Well, this would be the time! Without coming off as too much of a crazy fan-girl, I will say that James Norton has definitely captured my attention, not just with his rugged looks (that beautiful curly red hair), but he's an exceptional actor! He plays the conflicted man very well, but also manages to portray the romantic hero, that isn't sappy or overemotional. 

      The first movie I saw him in was Death Comes To Pemberley where he plays Henry Alvenston, a good and honorable suitor of Georgiana Darcy who is completely in love with her (I was so happy when they got together in the end!). Then I saw him in War & Peace, where he was the wonderful and noble Prince Andrei Bolkonsky who somehow had the ability to make those cold Russian winters seem a great deal warmer to the viewers. And of course, Grantchester! He's amazing at the genorous, complex, energetic vicar that can't seem to win for losing. I mean really, Sydney can't win with anyone in this show! That's why I love it though : )

James Norton as the irresistibly romantic hero
      And for any Harry Potter fans that come across this post, I believe he would totally kill it as Charlie (the invisible brother) Weasley who trains dragons in Romania. Look up Charlie's description in "The Goblet of Fire" and that's pretty much James Norton. Now I just really want Grantchester to come back on PBS! This is a rare burst of unbarred fandom love for me, but every now and then, I have to make my love known for a great up and coming actor.


  1. Aw, he would have made a lovely Charlie :) I've been watching him lately in 'Happy Valley' where he plays the bad guy, and he's terrifying! Definitely a great actor :)


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