Saturday, August 20, 2016

Downton Abbey Week - Day One: Tag & Game

     Downton Abbey Week hosted by Naomi Sarah is officially begun! She started it off with a tag and then a trivia game. So, lets begin with the tag!

Downton Abbey Tag

1. Who introduced you to Downton Abbey?
      - PBS 

2. What Season did you (or: do you think you would) enjoy the most?
     -Season 2

3. Who wore the prettiest wedding dress?
      - Both of Edith's wedding dresses

4. What plot twist/ scene came most unexpected to you? (Or do you pre-read all the spoilers?)
     - Sadly, I had a weakness for looking up spoilers, but probably Anna's rape by Mr. Green. 

5. If you could save one character from dying, who would you save?
     - Matthew Crawley 

6. Who is your favourite Downton Abbey footman?
     -Andrew! He was great! 

7. What typo annoys you more? "Downtown Abbey" or "Downton Abby"?
     -"Downtown Abby" 

8. Which character do you think developed the best throughout the seasons?
     - Tom Branson 

9. Favourite Downton couple? (Okay, pick two, because there's too much cuteness to narrow down to one.)
     - Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary Crawley
     - The Earl (Robert Crawley) and Countess (Cora Crawley) of Grantham 

10. Which of Granny Grantham's one-liners is your favourite?
     - "I am a woman Mary; I can be as contrary as I choose. 

11. How do you react when you meet another DA-lover?
     - Kindred Spirit!!! 

12. Do you think the show should go on and on, or do you think it should have ended earlier?
     - I think it ended in a very good place, but it was left wide open for more story possibilities.  

13. Which room in Downton Abbey is your favourite?
     - The library/Lord Grantham's study 

14. If you could be part of the story, would you rather be a person downstairs or upstairs?
     - That's tough, because neither was easy to live in, but probably downstairs. 

15. Who would you rather spend an afternoon with, Mrs Patmore or Lady Grantham (Cora)?
    - Lady Grantham! 

16. Do you have any Downton Abbey inside jokes with someone?
     - Not really...I've had plenty good debates with my sister about Mary and Edith though. 

17. Describe the show in one word.
     - Extraordinary! 

18. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a fan do you consider yourself?

19. Do you sometimes forget who is who?
     - No, never! 

20. Finally, who is your favourite character (okay, pick three favourites, but no more than three - NO MORE), and why do you love them? 
      - Matthew Crawley
      - Anna Smith Bates
      - Mrs. Hughes 

Downton Abbey Game

1. Name three Downton Abbey redheads.
      - Beryl Patmore
      - Gwen Dawson
      - Lavinia Swire

2. Which two ladies said the following lines? A: What shall I wear? B: Clothes.
     - A: Gwen Dawson
     - B: Lady Sybil Crawley (Season 1)

3. Why is Lady Rose wearing a servants outfit here?! Explain it to ME.

     She had met a young boy at a dance and he followed her back to Downton Abbey. Fearing that he would find out she was actually a lady and also she might get into trouble with her aunt and uncle, Rose borrowed a uniform from Anna and met him at the back door.  (Season 4)

4. Name three characters that cut their hair into bobs.
     - Lady Sybil Crawley Branson (Season 3)
     - Lady Mary Crawley (Season 5)
     - Daisy Mason (Season 6)

5. What is Cora's Mother's first (Christian) name?
     - Martha

6. What did the Dowager Countess say during Daisy and William Mason's wedding?
     - "I just have something in my eye." (Season 2)

7. Who does this beautiful jacket/dress belong to?

     - Lady Edith Crawley (Season 5/6)  

8. Name three of Lady Rose's 'lovers.' :-P
     - Atticus -- her husband (Seasons 5 and 6) 
     - Jack Ross (Season 4)
     - A man she was caught with at a nightclub in season 3??

9. The Dowager Countess once joked (wait, she was perfectly serious) that Americans lived in: a) treehuts b) wigwams c) plantations d) bear-skin huts
     - b) wigwams (Season 1)

10. Why does Mr Bates walk with a cane? 
     - He was wounded when he was Lord Grantham's batman in the Boer War. (Season 1)

11. What is the name of Lord Granthams' dog? (the first dog)
     - Isis (Season 1,2,3,4,5)

12. Who does this fantabulous hat belong to?

      - Countess of Grantham -- Lady Cora Crawley

13. Name three DA characters whose names start with M (last names are also allowed; you're welcome.) 
     - Matthew Crawley
    - Mary Crawley
    - William Mason

14. Who did the Dowager Countess tell to stop whining and find something to do?
     - Lady Edith Crawley (Season 3) 

15. Who said the following quote? "You know the trouble with you lot? You are in love with the wrong people."
     - Beryl Patmore (Season 3) 


  1. Yay, thank you so much for your answers!!!
    I love Edith's second wedding dress SO much. Ahh. <3

    What an original idea to post the game answers in a blog post! - I usually have games for people to play in the comments, so no-one can see any answers! I really hope no-one will go over here to peek for the answers, because you did Very Well Indeed. ;-)

    1. Oh and I'd save Matthew too AND I LOVE YOUR HEADER. (Your headers are always SUCH BEAUTIES by the way!)

    2. Thank you! Yours are beautiful too!

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