Friday, December 18, 2015

X-Men: Apocalypse


Alex is back!

Where's Logan?

 Moira is back!

Where's Logan??

Peter is back!!!

Where's Logan!?!?

Sansa Stark has an American accent!!

Still wondering where Logan is!?!?

We finally get to see how Charles lost his hair!
(Weeps silently for the loss of Jame's McAvoy's beautiful hair)

I don't want this story be all about Jennifer Lawrence

However, I wouldn't care as long as...

Logan shows up!!!


  1. Haha! The main reason I'm excited for this is Oscar Isaac's being Apocalypse. :D But yeah, Logan should be there. And if Jennifer Lawrence isn't too prominent, that'd be nice, too.

    1. I've only seen Oscar Isaac in two movies, The Nativity (which I love!) and the Bourne Legacy of which his character was dead in the first 5 minutes.

      Yes, I really hope this isn't 2 hours of all-about Jennifer Lawrence.

    2. He has lead roles in Inside Llewyn Davis and The Two Faces of January, and is fantastic. And then of course there's Star Wars. :D He's great at playing diverse roles, so I'm excited to see him do a super-villain!


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