Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Little Things #4

 1.) I don't drink: Never have, never will and I don't think I'm missing out at all.

 2.) Finding a new tv series: YES!!!

 3.) I'm a 90's kid: And proud of it!

 4.) I love donuts: One of my many sugar weaknesses...

 5.) I love Starbucks: A hot chocolate and chocolate croissant or pecan tart and I'm in heaven : )

 6.) I'm really grateful for my family: While there might be some people that argue that fact, I truly do love my family.


  1. Discovering a new TV show is something I do way too often. It's kind of embarrassing how many I'm addicted too. As for Starbucks, I LOVE it. Good thing the nearest is about an hour away. ;)

    1. Well given what you do online it would only make sense that you discover new television shows : )


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