Monday, November 23, 2015

History Appreciation Post

Top: Moses, Deborah, St. Francis of Assisi
Middle: Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I, George Washington
Bottom: Suffragettes, Robert Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth II
     I love history! My favorite time period would be the Edwardian Era that span from 1901 to 1920 (give or take a few years), but I love any kind of history in general. Of course, what makes history interesting to me is the people. People create history, they record it, they live by it. I have many favorite historical figures probably too many to name, but I managed to narrow down my absolute top historical people that I admire.

1.) Moses - Truly one of the greatest prophets and leaders of the Bible! Everything about him from birth to death is an incredible account of a life destined for God's greatness. My top Biblical hero.

2.) Deborah - One of the most controversial Bible figures as well as the most obedient and bravest of all of God's judges. Deborah was chosen by God to lead his people when men continued to fail. She was a judge, prophetess, wife and warrior whose life deserves more praise and less condemning. 

3.) St. Francis of Assisi - The composer of my favorite hymn ("All Creatures of Our God and King") and definitely a man who had no problem defying convention and control. St. Francis spoke of God's world with reverence and unending joy. Although I'm not Catholic, I have always greatly admired St. Francis for his true devotion to his faith, his God and his love of all life.

4.) St. Joan of Arc -  Like Deborah, Joan believed to be chosen by God to lead when men failed. Although her life is vague at most in history, there is no denying that she changed the world and that God divine grace was with her the whole way through. Over 900 years later, St Joan of Arc continues to inspire.

5.) Queen Elizabeth I - Kings and queens come and they go in and out of history, Queen Elizabeth I was a queen whose life was much more than a history lesson. She is one of the most courageous and brilliant monarchs to ever wear Edward the Confessors crown and sit in his chair. Queen Elizabeth I brought England out of darkness and into the light and continued to spread that light clear into the New World.

6.) George Washington - What kind of Virginian would I be if I didn't mention George Washington?? A general, a gentleman, devoted father, loving husband and an ardent patriot who believed in the rights of mankind as well as the decency of human living. I still believe him to be the greatest of out Founding Fathers.

7.) The Suffragettes - I don't think women today could possibly understand the true sacrifice that these wives, mothers and daughters made to create an equal place alongside men. Sacrifice, courage and honor are only a few words that could be considered understatements to the lives of these women who never backed down, gave up or surrendered.

8.) Senator Robert "Bobby" Kennedy - As a longtime Kennedy fan, I have always found the late Robert Kennedy to be a paragon of what a true American should be. Robert Kennedy was fearless and unafraid when it came to dealing with adversaries and enemies, but also possessed great generosity and truth in his own personal life and beliefs. He was a great man who still remained a good man.

9.) Queen Elizabeth II - By the time Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1953, the monarchy were simply celebrities whose lives sold newspapers. However, Queen Elizabeth's is hardly fodder for tabloids, but rather a life the has been spent in duty to her God, her country and her family. An extraordinary woman who has lived a life of pure and consistent dignity and grace.

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