Wednesday, September 9, 2015

God Save the Noble Queen!

     Today, Queen Elizabeth surpassed her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria ruling a staggering 63 years! Elizabeth came to the throne at 25 years old and had been married to Prince Philip of Greece for five years and had two small children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Eight years later Prince Andrew was born, followed by Prince Edward two years afterwards. 

      Elizabeth was never meant to be queen. She was the oldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York, but when King Edward VII abdicated to marry the twice divorcee Wallis Simpson, Elizabeth's father Bertie became King George VI and led Great Britain through the horrors of WWII. Elizabeth learned a great deal from her father as well as from her extraordinary mother, Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mum). 

     Princess Elizabeth married her handsome cousin Prince Philip of Greece on November 20, 1947 after a great deal of struggle to get her parents to accept their relationship and Philip. A year later, Prince Charles was born and Princess Anne two years after that. Elizabeth and Philip lived quietly for five years until the King died in 1951 and Elizabeth was declared the new queen. For the next 63 years, she has ruled Great Britain with dignity, calm and absolute honor. She is truly a remarkable woman, wife, mother, grandmother and queen!

God save the Queen and long may she reign!


  1. I tagged you over on my blog today! :) And I am still remembering about the 5 Female Characters tag, I'm still planning on doing it! <3

    1. Thanks! Yahh, I can't wait to see what you write! I'm betting some anime character will be in one of the categories : )


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